Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered and Ni No Kuni II coming to Xbox and Game Pass

NNK1 comes today (!)

NNK2 in 2023

Level 5 is back


So freaking good!!! Of all the ones we have been missing out on I had given up on them.


The fact that it will have touch controls on the app is going to do wonders for it.


This told me just wait unless you really want to play this specific game on another platform. It’s not like there’s a grace period where Xbox won’t go for, like if the game was out since 2019 or earlier.

That said I look forward in trying these out.

Oh I missed that tidbit. Damn, you’re right, especially since they have been in mobile market as of late. Good move.

I bought it for Switch in the sale last year, but I get it Remastered on Game Pass, let’s go!

Store page:

QLOC ported Nier:A for Xbox as well.


4K/60fps and VRR.

Let’s fucking goooooooo. For some reason I did not expect that!

60fps + actually. What is that?


Any idea when it’ll be on xCloud? The trailer showed a touch controls interface.

I have the first one on the switch and have had a hard time keeping onto it. The story is really ehh at least at the start. The combat system is a bit fun though. That and the art is beautiful.

Let’s get a port of Level 5’s best game, while we’re at it (Fantasy Life)

It is nice to see Level 5 games on Xbox and hopefully this leads to many more games coming to the Xbox brand of consoles too.

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Level 5 finally back on Xbox. Love to see it!


So I played this for a couple of hours today and this game is heavy story wise. Really sucks what happens in the first hour but the charm and art style is ridiculous. I am really looking forward to 2 as well. Glad I didn’t buy the switch version and waited for Xbox.

I had this forever on the wishlist on my Switch. In the end waiting paid off!

Looks really really nice. After over 1 hour and a lot of cutscenes im not feeling the combat. Very strange.

So annoyed I bought these on Switch because I never thought they would ever come to Xbox. Was about to buy the first one on Steam a few days ago because I saw it on sale but so glad it’s here on Xbox now. Is 2 really that bad as they say?

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2 is better imo and i cant wait for it on xbox. The combat system is way better in 2. I got the 2nd one ps4 for 10 bucks. Only played 10 hours but i loved it. Sold my ps4 pro so was waiting to for it to be re released snd this is amazing news

As for this one. Having fun but the combat system is not great

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Just started this last night, great visuals on Séries X and it’s buttery smooth! I had been wanting to play these games for so long man but being on Xbox and having very limited gaming time I’m not one to buy extra consoles just to have them collect dust so I’m super glad they are finally made available on MS’s ecosystem! Save follows on PC also. Really wish it was lower priced though considering it has been available elsewhere for so long.

Game seems simple for now, but I’m not complaining, as long as the story carries it I think I’ll have a great time and with so much stuff coming up that I want to play I kind of want to finish it as quick as I can.


So great to have these games on Xbox.

Ni no Kuni looks great in 4K despite its age.

We’re eating good right now.


Beauty of 2D or cel-shaded. They hardly age.