Next ID@Xbox and Twitch Indie Showcase scheduled for August 10 (live TODAY at 9AM PT!)

Nothing confirned so far. I hope they listened to the criticism and trimmed it down. Keep the game reveals for 30 minutes or so and have interviews or Dev talks post-show.

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Yep. Hope the same.

90 minutes is ideal imo

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I would say even if the format doesn’t change, there is still the recap with all the games announced afterwards, for those not wanting to go throught the whole stuff.

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It would be nice if they let us know when the show starts. Something like…we will have a lot to show you in the upcoming 3 hours. Something like that.

I hope we get some information on Nobody Saves the World. I think that was he title. The next Drinkbox game.

maaan, wtf lol why haven’t they told us how long it’ll be this time around? Do they think not saying it’ll be 4 hours long as usual is better than saying it outright? It’s in fact worse lol

I’m going to stream on our barely used Twitch channel if you want to join me!

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Gematsu has it listed as a 3 hour showcase.


It’s most probably going to be exactly the same as the last one so if you didn’t like it, I suggest you just wait for the trailers or summary afterwards.

I really didn’t like the last one so that’s I will be doing.

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Do you think it would be shown at /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox?

Wonder what game it is.

I see gamespot is streaming it to youtube so so am I!


I’ll be able to watch the first 20 minutes or so. Hopefully they start with a bang!

Only to think this could be a Mixer Showcase: ID@Xbox…


One of the two hosts just said it’s about two hours. That isn’t too bad.

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Do we know if these games will come to Game Pass right away or unclear?

They won’t, unless stated otherwise on the trailer. There will be a specific Game Pass section at 10:15am PT


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Announcements so far:

  1. Lightyear Frontier (Frame Break / Ampligier Game Invest)
  2. The Wandering Village (Stray Fawn Studio)
  3. Lab Rat (Chump Squad)