New Windows 11 Details for Gaming


The Xcloud integration is great. I like to play strategy games and not having to download every new title to my small ssd will be a welcome option.

As far as Windows 11 goes, I think I’ll take a “Wait and see” approach on most of my PC’s. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Microsoft Store - bring your own commerce engine or use ours - model is very promising.

Can easily see Epic and Steam store catalog being a part of this with their own installers.

TPM 2.0… :sob:

If they block the installation of Windows 11 because of this… it will be a terrible mistake. :man_facepalming:

The PC health check seems to be broken to me. I just checked if my Surface Pro 4 can be upgraded and it is telling me no, even though the specs check out as far as I can see.

Without TPM it won’t be able to authenticate the bootloader which is required for secure boot.

This is already present in most computers, and has been around for 10 years. People have to enable Secure Boot through the BIOS, and re-run the upgrade checker application.

As long as you have a 64 bit processor, you are ok.


I am still dumb struck at the brilliance of the new store policy. This has to be an industry first.

For apps in the store:

  • 0% if they choose to use their own commerce and download infra
  • 12% (?) if they choose to use the Microsoft commerce and download infra

Soon Steam and Epic Store will be available to download from Windows Store. They just want some market share in windows app stores. But it’s going to a nightmare for security audits.

I just want to know how they improve the store for consumers subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. They’ve shown their xCloud integration which I think is great. They’ve shown some redesign of the store which I think is fine.

But I’m looking at the deeper issues here. Control over your files, decent CDN’s, optional preservation of local save files. We didn’t get any information on that, sadly.

Atleast they are going to support win32 apps which they have confirmed.

I think they would be ready with background audits. The have the Defender app integrated into the OS anyway. They could simply make the SmartScreen and Defender infrastructure run on apps listed – in the background. Not too taxing for a one time task.

Yeah it’s going to be an automated process similar to Google Play Protect and not like Apple’s app store.

They are supporting win32, uwp, and pwa apps. There will be more information on the cdns - which is expected to be similar to Steam’s cdn for downloading games.

There is a developer presentation later, if you are interested.

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Yeah Steam has a great CDN peering technology. I remember Linus demonstrating this thing few years ago by hosting a CDN of his own for his other PCs to download really fast via his gigabit switch.

They’ve supported Win32 for a while now, no? Or does this mean they won’t perform inside a ‘container’ from now on?

Yeah I don’t think it’s going to be sandboxed anymore.

Linus makes interesting videos, but has had a lot of hit and miss takes in the last one or two years.

Anyway - For a long time, due to limited adoption by devs using the Windows Store, I think they did not upgrade that backend tech too much. It seems, now their attention has been shifted to the Store properly. They are approaching this much more holistically.

They have already started terming it commerce engine (cdn+payment) . Once MS creates fancy names for platforms, they are already prepared with their own infra and have the necessary integration plans already.

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That would solve most of the problems.

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