New touch controls shown for xCloud & Gears 5 - via Tom Warren

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I really like the idea of a cinematic mode for Xcloud stuff. Normally the screen is covered with buttons etc, so having that option is super nice.


Actually kind of incredible, the amount of effort they’re putting into these customized touch controls.

I’ll never use them though, as I’ll be using the Razer Kishi.

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These look really good, are they live just now?

Didn’t watch video with audio yet, but it looks like the layout and such are well thought out for Gears. When will these be available to mess with?

Just on Hellblade.


Cheers I’m going for a nosey.

xCloud will have a better start than Stadia! my inner nostradamus told me.


It works well with Hellblade. Doubt id use it much for games like this but do it for Civilization and I’m in.

Ok this is pretty cool. I was curious how it would work with no controller at times

The support for gyro controls for xCloud but not at the actual controller level is pretty funny.

Sounds like a wide rollout of touch controls is coming in September alongside the full launch.

I don’t like gyro at all but giving it as an option would be ok. Doubt it would cost much.

The Hellblade touch controls are so cool. Ninja Theory did an amazing job.

Looks crazy intuitive! My only question is if this system is rolled out on a per game basis or is it generalized enough to just work with a variety of games without that intuitiveness getting lost in translation between the genres/games. Also because if it’s per game basis, the rollout shall be slower and hand picked, fragmenting the Xcloud userbase in a sense. I hope it’s more generalized and adaptive, as simple as changing from a controller to MK+B or vice versa.

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This is cheating because even in preview it already had XD

Never liked to play with my screen on the phone. Idont want to see my finger prints al over the place. I have a Samsung S9 and because of the edge screen never put safe glass. I’m waiting to buy a Razer Kishi

there are generalized control schemes.

every game can also customize them in a very simple form by a xcloud config file. like here for a fighting game

further reading here

and then you can go deeper like gears5 with the cutscene/driving mode. this method needs integration into the game code. so not everyone will probably do it.

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