New State of Play set for October 27 (Featuring 20 minutes of third-party games)

I think it’s some kind of Spartacus.

Black Sails.

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Expecting big things from this despite it’s short run time.

Almost 100% that at least FFXVI, Harry Potter, Gotham Knights and something Capcom.

Bro what

Please don’t, for the safety of us all and yourself next week.


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I think it’s a pretty safe bet FF16 will be there

I have since learnt that the ff16 pages have all been recently updated, so I have since changed my mind on that :stuck_out_tongue:

The last showcase, lol showcase, should have taught us a lesson. So if this is only 20 minutes and it’s all multiplatform…

multiplatform but timed exclusive .

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Yeah, that kind of bullshit again.

Probably FF16 update, which I expect to look better than last year, that didn’t look too impressive at all.

All im really hoping for is an actual release date for Forspoken. I get this, I will be happy.

FF XVI, Forspoken, KOTOR… what else do you think they have moneyhatted that we don’t know about yet?

Alan Wake 2 and Bioshock . I have a bold one but I’m not going to say it . :phil_lmao:

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Good calls…I can see AW2, just like KOTOR it is aimed in a very specific direction lol.

Say it!

GTA 6?

Not happening. It’s just not worth it to pay for Sony (or MS). A Rockstar insider said MS had to pay a lot of money for that San Andreas on Gamepass. Just to get a 20 dollar San Andreas DE on Gamepass on console (if you go by 60 divided by 3) and I’m sure it won’t even stay beyond three months, and it’s not even excluding sales from anywhere else like a moneyhat would. Now shift that to GTA 6, the biggest game to release in the future period, and Sony gets to moneyhat that for how long? A week or a month max, cuz anything beyond that, they’d be bleeding money from their ass and everywhere else too.

At that point, people would just…wait for a month lmao. Sure Sony would get all the big sales in the original week or month, but this isn’t a game where it’ll die after a few months anyway, it will last years and years and years and much of the money for Rockstar won’t really be made at launch, but over time. As such, it makes no sense to moneyhat a live service like that, especially when there are positive aspects to getting a game as big as that a tad late from launch with all the patches added lol.


yup . I’m expecting a 1 month Timed exclusivity or some kind of early access . Yeah Ik Ik not happening because of this and that . But I have a gut feeling .


They could only get PSNow inclusion 26 days later of GTA 3 Definitive Edition, the least liked one of the Trilogy. They’re not going to get GTA 6 exclusive.

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Courtesy of millie on Twitter


According to a few games getting updated by Sony, we may see Gotham Knights, Gollum, Final Fantasy XVI and a few other games this Wednesday. There was also a tweet by someone at WB Montreal that has been deleted where he said a release date for Gotham is coming soon.

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