New State of Play set for October 27 (Featuring 20 minutes of third-party games)

" The broadcast will focus on announcements and updates for upcoming third-party games for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, including “new looks at previously announced games, plus a few reveals from [Sony Interactive Entertainment’s] partners around the world.”


I wonder what’s been moneyhatted this time, lol. Joking aside, the fact they announced it a week before, the duration and no 1st parties are signs of a low-key event.

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Then hopefully we won’t have to fear the possibility of a new BioShock deal here?

Probably next year or so, lol.

If they Money hatted Bioshock and if it was ready to announce i’m sure it would have been at their “showcase” event not a normal state of play

True dat. And that wasn’t even all that anyway.

also I don’t think FF16 will be here. I’m guessing SE are all in on end walker for time being

dont expect FF16, Bioshock, KOTOR Remake, Silent Hill, MGS Remake, whatever.

What about FFVIIR part 2? Any chance of that? I haven’t played the first one so I don’t know how meat it was.

As much is Sony’s money hatting has made me salty, especially when their damn console can’t be found for a reasonable price, I let go of that salt by realizing it’s only timed and I’ll eventually get the games. It’s kinda fair vs Bethesda’s games that are just permanently not gonna be on PS5.

@DARK-PARADISE The two things are wildly different: owning something (aka funding its development and all its risks attached) vs paying ONLY to delay it somewhere else, no risks attached.


Hoping for an actual release date for Forspoken as it’s only set for Spring 2022 right now. Maybe a new FFXVI trailer as well. Not expecting anything major but hoping for a few release dates.



Cloud Chamber(Bioshock studio) hiring included the Series X|S and the PS5 as platforms, so IDK about exclusivity.

I miss that series so much, such great dialogs and character development like no other.


Timed was the rumor

Yes, and it is one of those rare ones that work all they way to the end.

What show is that?

Like the ones they did in july or march, minor things to stay relevant in news cycle.

that recent PS leaker Millie is hinting towards Hogwarts Legacy .

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Haha, no I mean the gif posted here :smiley: