New Starfield lore video sent out to newsletter subscribers. Details the game's history and titled "The Settled Systems"

not always, but the fact they’re showing these when they don’t really need to right now must signal these specific concept art pieces shall have led to more of what’s actually in the game than the ones that didn’t go anywhere but existed as cool concepts nonetheless. I’m not expecting these individual cities like New Atlantis to be as big as Night City, like you’d feel looking at the concept art, but still indicative of the general atmosphere and structure.

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Definitely flying

I’m hoping we get a ship to fly between locations. I’m hoping we can take followers on that ship & talk to them between missions, like the Normandy or the Unreliable.

It’s something that just works well in these kind of games.

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That would be quite something. Also the very first time we get a pilotable vehicle in a BGS game, that would be exciting and can’t wait to see what that will be like.

This would be amazing. The official trailer seems to show that we can absolutely walk around in it and knowing BGS we’ll be able to interact with things and stuff. Hopefully we can have non human companions too, but that remains to be seen in what way other species will be doing in this universe.

Yeah I wonder about non-human races as well. Don’t remember them ever mentioning that kind of thing yet? Maybe if there are aliens in the game, they want to keep it a secret for now.

Concept art can be used for what the game will aim to look like in a sketch basic form, basically give the artists a general idea of what they’re gonna go for. Someone goes to the concept art team and ask them we want this X Y Z, the concept art team goes and makes it then shows it and then use it as a template sort of thing. Now this could be different at each studio some can make concept art and not use it or change it a lot and or go in a different direction.

Quick example, say I go to the concept art team and ask them we’re making a new scifi game and we want to create a hub like area, we would like trees and ponds to be big features of the hub area, we also would like it to feel bussing with activity from the native people and it should be more Cybepunk than dark futuristic setting. They go and create that and come back and show me what the vibe is then I go well thats great exactly what we wanted then it heads off to the art team as a template of what to aim for. I hope that makes sense.

They did say things like hard sci fi I believe, Han Solo simulator. It’s possible that they go for a more realistic approach and that would mean only humans and robots and for enemies those weird insect like things we saw in the art and other creatures. Of course I expect there will be human enemies too.

I love how much mystery there still is. These small info drops go a long way making the wait easier, and to think the actual reveal hasn’t even happened yet. With TES and Fallout you know what you’re getting, not with this, part of the beauty of it.

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I’m sure Godd (yes) Howard not only wanted to polish with the ‘extra’ 1 year of development. Remember Skyrim with cut features/enemies/etc at launch?. Yeah. Wonder what contents he should’ve cut if the game released this year. I guess alot.

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Good point.

You can bet that being at Xbox now means much more possibilities, higher budget. It might definitely have more content now than if it had been still by Zenimax.

Double Fine is a much, much smaller studio but they are an good example. Because of the acquisition they were able to put back in already removed stuff because of budget. It’s great to see.

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I dont know if Starfield would have been ready this year or if it was given an extra year for polish/extra features but one things for sure, having it this year would have been a waste

They are already struggling to get Series X consoles made and will almost certainly sell out for the rest of the year, not to mention they have Forza and Halo within a month of each other, it would have been awesome to have those 3 games in the space of a couple of months but also completely unneccessary

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I’m so psyched for this game, the colony wars lore has me so intrigued already

Yeah I doubt it being ready too. Didn’t Jason Schreier say it was far from finished? People wanted to ignore him when he brought the bad news before E3, but he was right after all.

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Not watching too much as I want to keep the surprise.

My most anticipated XGS 1st party game of 2022. Bethesda are top tier in world building, creating huge, deep and expansive, believable world full of secrets and wonders to discover with unique quests out of nowhere. Their world always have this atmosphere so special you won’t find in other games.

It will be the next juggernault from Todd Howard’s team I think we’re not ready.

Hype over 9000!


There was so much conflicting info for it that we cant be sure. Some said it was ready for this year, others mid 2022 and then late 2022. I think the truth lies somewhere in between then lol.

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this game keeps looking better and better

Loving the constant dripfeed of info about this. I think MS show the game at the TGAs as well

If you mean another brief teaser then maaayyybe but I wouldn’t count on it tbh. I think they’ll keep doing this sort of drip feed com for the game till summer. For example with interviews concepts arts, the orchestra etc just look at previous big BGS games marketing pattern and follow the trail.

But expect the really big blowout to be at E3 2022 as Todd Howard prefers to reveal his own games close to release like the way they revealed Fallout 4. Starfield is his baby. Plus MS will have other games to show at TGA like Hellblade 2 and Avowed.

I think Starfield will be given the biggest spotlight at this next E3 and it will be a defining moment for Xbox.

The last trailer from E3 2021 was the exception as MS has acquired them and it made sense to bring Bethesda & Xbox together and give a little something to everyone.

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I have a feeling nobody except BGS and Xbox knows how special this game actually is going to be. There are many reasons to be very excited about this project, the fact that this is the project he’s been wanting to make ever since he started working at Bethesda, in his own words called it the most epic sci-fi thing you can imagine. He quickly went back on that and said this was personally speaking, he can’t speak for others.

And let us not underestimate what now being a Xbox studio means for them, much higher budget, much more people being hired for QA so we should be getting the most polished BGS game at launch yet. And if this is going to be the next Skyrim in terms of immense popularity to this day I don’t know, but this is going to be a big one. I think a lot of people,myself included doesn’t realize how big and great this is going to be.


I’ve heard some very ambitious things for this game. There’s a reason this game is “only possible” on next gen consoles.