New Starfield lore video sent out to newsletter subscribers. Details the game's history and titled "The Settled Systems"

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Today on YouTube in an unlisted video for newsletter subscribers Starfield revealed key plot details for the upcoming BGS title. It takes place in what is known as “The Settled Systems” in the year 2330. The Settled Systems are a small part of the milky way and extends out from our solar system for 50 light years.

Around 20 years before the start of the game there was a war between “The United Colonies” and the “Freestar Collective”, known as the Colony War. Things are in an uneasy peace, but mercenaries and pirates abound to keep things dangerous. You are one of the newest members of “Constellation” and you will be pushing the boundaries of known space to try and uncover the mystery of it all. Starfield releases on 11/11/2022 (or November 11th, for those not in the US)


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I like that Bethesda is slowly revealing info for the game


The concept art is so damn good.

Getting Mass Effect, Star Wars, The Outer Worlds vibes.


I can’t bloody wait for this game, it’s right up my alley.

Also it’s surreal seeing this at the end of the trailer, the platforms :stuck_out_tongue:


Im starting to think this game could have launched this year and they decided to hold it back 1 full year for polishing lol. Because this is kinda unlike Bethesda to be dropping info like this but granted this is their first IP in 25 years I guess I cant really say for certain.


I do believe the rumor that Phil has mandated extra polish on 1st party titles and he’s willing to give them all more time to get it.


I’ve been playing Skyrim again lately. There’s something about Bethesda Studios games that just hits different from anything else. So exciting to be in at the ground floor (you might even say… . … . … the launch) of a whole new Bethesda franchise.


Im pretty sure this is the case. Which makes my theory that the turnaround for TES6 will be shorter than people think gather steam so 2025 we come baby.

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2031 at the earliest


2025 was always a believable date, I don’t know why people think that the game will release in 2027 or later. Bethesda always releases a game after 3 or 4 years.

Fallout 3-2008


Fallout 4-2015

Fallout 76-2018


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This game has radical religious space zealots

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This game is going to be something else.

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Really good video, lots of information about the game. Can’t wait to play it.

If you can be mean or good, I’m going hard down the prick role this time around. I’m usually the nice guy but I wanna rob everyone :smiley:

I personally didn’t expect it. After E3 I was preparing for complete silence until next E3, that was kinda typical of Bethesda always. Well, wait, typical Bethesda was reveal and release in the same year. But this is really cool.

Artwork of games like this is usually what will be in the game for sure, right? Because this stuff looks awesome. It wasn’t even long ago that they had their previous info drop with new artwork too.

I want this game IN MY LIFE already


Gonna put like 200hours+ on this game for sure


Nice new video.

2 main factions then. I wonder if they’re going for something similar to the civil war aspect of Skyrim, but obviously on a much bigger scale (& hopefully more in depth).

I’m fascinated by the idea that this game will have multiple worlds to explore. It will be a BGS title without a ‘main’ open overworld. I wonder how they’ll approach that as well.

Basically I just can’t bloody wait to see & learn more :grin:

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What I wonder is, will we be actually flying to these planets ourselves or will it be like Destiny? Either way, judging by the art alone it will have a great variety in terms of locations.