New Redfall trailer shows brand new gameplay, story, and exploration

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What You Need to Know

  • Brand new footage of Redfall shows more of highly anticipated Xbox exclusive
  • Exploration, Story beats, and new weapons are shown

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Redfall has released and shows off never before seen gameplay, exploration, and story details.

As the May 2nd release draws near, the marketing cycle for the game is picking up, and Redfall has continued to impress every time it is shown. Redfall will be Arkane Studio’s first Xbox platform exclusive following the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft in 2020.


Oh man, can’t wait

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Looking good

I likely won’t be playing much multiplayer but the no tethering system is cool news

You should at that video too @Proven

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-No tethering -No loading screens -Factions fightint each other -Map seems to be in game physical object like Metro Exodus


Great Trailer! But the music choice didn’t really fit for me, it felt too light hearted for what’s going on in the trailer.

It remains a game I just have to play myself because it’s sadly just not wowing me. Visually very underwhelming too, especially outdoors. It’s the lighting for me. Indoors looks good.

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Visually, looks like any other Arkane game though :man_shrugging:t2:


I don’t know, I remember when I played Dishonored 1 and 2 for the first time and how they visually impressed me. The art style but unless my memory is failing me the lighting was quite good too.

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I genuinely don’t get how someone could look at Redfall and be underwhelmed.


Exactly!! This is fire!! Another banger is coming!

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I am not sure if I see a drastic difference visually myself.

This is high quality 4K footage of Redfall from the Developer Direct - the art style really pops here IMO.

Overall, I think the game looks great and fun to play (rather than watch).


The only thing that’s giving me a slight concern so far is a lot of the combat seems a little slow although that’s likely just based on the person playing

The other thing is the enemy count from what they’ve shown seems kind of low, like nearly every combat scenario they’ve shown is enemies in groups of 2 or 3, id like to see some sections where you’re up against a dozen

I do think the game doesn’t exactly wow graphically but it’s not something that really bothers me, could definitely be a lot better but as long as the game has those classic Arkane elements, I couldn’t give a toss

Arkane don’t miss.

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Some people had their expectations poisoned by the vague leaks about the game from a while back and will never be able to get over it.


Some people are still confused by the first trailer when they’ve explained the game a dozen times since then.


The singleplayer looks like a very good game. Exploration, map game, interesting story and setting… Looks damn interesting. I’ll play this day one for sure.

I’m not sold on all the artstyle choices or some of the other graphics aspects which seems a bit off, but I don’t care that much about those things in general tbh. Plus it’ll probably look a lot better at home.

And as long as that tone of the characters, music, presentation etc. is kept to trailers and shit, that won’t be a problem either. Really feels like two different games at times lol. One is completely my thing, the other I wouldn’t touch unless I had to.

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Looks good and im hyped for the game. Since Id is doing the gunplay and shooting mechanics, any worry I had is pretty much gone. I loved Rage 2 which had Id doing the same thing so while slightly different in speed, it should still be real good.

You’ll never convince me that some of the Redfall disappointment isn’t consciously or unconsciously tied to it not being a game that is good for using in the console wars.


Wait the game doesn’t have an over the top serious tone, hyper realistic growth, and is worst of all multiplayer?

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Look at Deathloop it has missing shadows as well. Also this is completely open world and thus leads to more technically difficulties