New pages on Xbox site for Series S|X

Somehow I always knew the only person to be concerned about this here would be you.


I work in network sales, and know a little bit about the topic as a result … I wouldn’t sell a wireless AP these days without making certain the client is aware of those differences. It is the largest leap in wireless in more than a decade, and not just because of bandwidth either. But to put it in layman’s terms, the speeds are equivalent to a hardwired connection of 1Gbps, and more (1.2Gbps in many instances). WiFi 6 is still in its infancy and the AP’s aren’t the cheapest so it may not matter, especially to casual gamers

Both pages look incredible, I have never had an issue in terms of speed on Xbox Live when I am on wireless. WiFi 5 is still good and it was likely not worth the extra 20 dollars to implement WiFi 6 which just adds to the cost of the console.

You don’t think Microsoft who put in millions of dollars into R&D for Xbox just glossed over Wi-fi 6? They likely saw the that difference is not worth the extra cost and no, it’s not a ‘showstopper’ feature, likely no one will care outside of Resetera/Gaf/and this forum.

It isn’t a showstopper today. However, a year or two from now hope for a revision that supports it because it will matter significantly more. MS isn’t the only company who skimps on this either - Apple’s newest laptops don’t support WiFi6 yet, though the phones and iPads do. And you have to have an infrastructure that supports it, which few homes do at this time. It’s a showstopper to me, but I’m not typical. I’d consider it a non-issue for most except fanboys

Yep it is not worth the hassle for now so I don’t see any issue I’m fine with it.

Later down the line with console revision yeah they will probably update all the hw components like wifi 6 if the infrastructure supports it for everyone. For now it is not as important as warriors make it seem.

Just serves as ammo for bragging and downplaying competition.

This page is new as well. Is it just me or does the 3 column layout suggest another console. Also who makes a page for all consoles and just shows two consoles???

Probably just over analyzing but I am on an Xbox forum lol. I did check the source code, it’s definitely a 3 column grid but there’s noting hidden in the third column or anything.

I know it’s probably again just nothing, but the page that used to link to the Xbox One S digital now redirects you to the all consoles page. Someone had to setup that redirect, if it was just gone your get an error. Link below:

Some part of this is intentional. Somethings happening, whether it’s just that version going away or if it’s a sign of a digital series incoming for next gen.

I don’t think that means anything. Look at what the page looks like on the PT-BR website:


Got the CPU frequency increased from 3.6 to 3.66GHz?


Small increase it seems, good, good, unless they never specified the whole number.

Might not be an increase, it could just have to do with the casual approach to rounding.

They list the GPU as 12 TFLOPS, but the non rounded number is 12.15.

(Side note, it’s interesting to note how often someone will write the PS5 TFLOPS out to 2 decimal places but round down to the nearest whole number for Xbox).


Those are some really cool looking landing pages, sleek just like the consoles themselves.

WiFi 6 is irrelevant. The bottlenecks are still bandwidth to the servers in most cases not people’s WiFi.

Would not call it irrelevant, but a trade off. It costs more. Ps4 not having 5GHz Wifi was a bigger issue, tho.

The site has been updated again. Guess they published it before it was finished before.

I’m basically going to have to make a concession one way or the other with PS5 or Series X. None is going to have everything I want, so I will make my decision after tomorrow’s showing. But WiFi 6 is definitely not irrelevant …

In my experience (pre-WIFI 6), an external access point has better coverage, signal strength, and reliability than any internal antenna. What would be the problem of a dedicated bridge using wifi 6 and dedicating a frequency or band to it?

I have WiFi6 AP’s in my house - Meraki. MS doesn’t support them. I have a wish for good BC - Sony doesn’t support that. Sony has Insomniac and the best developers out there. MS has Obsidian and the RPG’s. Square basically is married to Sony at this point, and that is a factor as well.

I seriously go back and forth all the time, but since I am getting a 3080, I might just get the PS5 although MS hardware is superior. I was decided until the Series S was announced, and I really don’t think that MS is going to take advantage of the X as a result. Devs seem to be split as well, though that seems to be a sore point on this site. All Access means nothing to me because I pay cash for everything

Seriously, I am having a hard time with this decision, and the concessions that MS has made like no WiFi6 make it even harder. I’m also only getting “one” console this team due to time constraints

I’m not in the greatest health today (fire smoke causing sinus and inner ear issues) so my critical thinking is slow. If you have Meraki APs, just wire the XSX in to that. The data transmission would likely far exceed any device’s antenna and wireless nic. If you don’t have an AP in the vicinity, what is the issue with buying one more for a bridge? If you use the bridge you exceed the built in wifi functionality of any console.

If you really want the XSX for better hardware and BC, I’m not seeing your hangup on WIFI 6. A Meraki AP (while more expensive) will smoke either consoles WIFI performance.

As for developer preference, you are the master of that ship. My preferences for gaming (pre-child) are not the same now (JRPGs). Either I’ve significantly changed, they have, or both but the magic is rarely there. Since probably Tales of Vesperia. I was never a fan of Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank or God of Button Mash. Once Twisted Metal Black came and went… In retrospect, maybe much of this was also my distaste for the dualshock if I couldn’t use the D-pad.

All that rambling to say pick what sounds fun! It doesn’t sound like you should have any issues getting a XSX, PS5 and a RTX 30xx, especially if you get a multiport wifi6 meraki AP to plug them all in to! :grin:

The problem with running wires in my basement is that I have radiant heating in the floors (ceilings) so I need to run conduit with any new wiring runs. Seriously, one of the reasons my network runs so blistering fast is that I have to use multiple AP’s on each floor of the house because signal is terrible though the radiant floors. I realize that my problems are unique, and one of the main reasons I am still considering the SX and PS5 as opposed to only a media PC is for the superior audio in my theater. I love MS hardware more, and Sony’s developers and software pedigree more. Being a technology whore, I think the SX is going to win out, but it’s close. I’m interested to see my thoughts after tomorrow.

Oh, and I love both Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet and Clank. I also adore Fable, and games like Perfect Dark and the Rare classics. So yeah … I thought I had it all figured out until recent announcements. I love the design of the SX, and the games WILL come. I think the PS5 is going to have overheating issues, like the old RRoD.