New pages on Xbox site for Series S|X


Just checked these out and they are REALLY slick!

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Looked on resetera, and everyone is complaining about lack of wifi6, something I’ve NEVER heard of till this thread.

Plus surely it can’t be as good as being hard wired, like everyone was claiming the other day was the way to go.

Recently it feels like there is a lot of weird posts or tweets trying to dump on xbox.

Or pretend confusion, of people thinking that the Xbox one x is more powerful than the series s, it’s honestly baffling.

Ah well, mega hyped for the series x, just wish console warriors had better things to do than dump on something their not even interested in :smiley:

Edit: that is a lovely page to scroll through on mobile :slight_smile:


The websites looks fantastic.


They are good aren’t they? I say that as a developer (now moving into Azure). Loads of good info in there as well (XSX weighs 9.8 lbs).

Your problem was looking on resetera, that’s why most of us are here after all!


amazing design on both the pages.

But why the fuck did Xbox leave out Gears Tactics as a launch title? Do they really not care for having a first party game at launch? It doesn’t matter that it came on PC earlier, people will be playing it on console at launch and it’s a very well received game too. They literally put Halo Infinite every two cms of the page and that game isn’t even coming out until next year. :confused:

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These new info pages are really well designed and pleasant to look at, but the biggest takeaway is the emphasis on the $24.99/34.99 entry price point. It’s hardly surprising, but it shows where the priority in Microsoft’s messaging lies.

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I think most people spending this kinda of money on XSX hardware will be taking their gaming seriously, as such they will be using wired for connection, or network plugs. Other people at other places will jump onto whatever negative they can think up. Oh well.

Great web pages, with a typo - unless XSX has 3x HDMI 3.1 (!) Gen 1 ports and Phil Spencer has been hiding them next to the Series S in previous YouTube videos. :grinning:

No worries, none of them knew wtf WiFi 6 was until someone randomly noted it either, lol. And yeah, there is DEFINITELY make believe ‘confusion’ being used as a mask for concern trolling. Folks are shook by XSS and the pricing. :slight_smile:

It’ll be corrected soon enough. A few people, including myself, brought it to their attention on Twitter:

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in other news, I still see Live Gold being repeatedly mentioned and talked about in these pages and it’s supposed to stay static until release (outside the typos of course lol). Honestly, it’s still baffling to me why they haven’t announced it if it’s even happening, it’s not like Sony is gonna see that and go “oh shit let’s also drop our service bringing in hundreds of millions”. The console pricing was flexible and can be decided in a few days seeing your competitor cuz you shall always have alternative strategies, decisions like multiplayer going free take a lot more time so I feel like shit needs to happen soon.

Yeah I’ve never heard of it either. But apparently it’s something that PS5 has and Xbox does not, which means it’s suddenly extremely important and a shocking disappointment for a console to not have. Honestly it’s so transparent.

Pages and pages of speculation and wishlist threads about the new consoles-- never seen this mentioned once before.


My sources tell me the PS5’s improved WiFi offsets the power differential between the consoles.

9.8 lb is around 4.4 kg, right? It is actually lighter than what I thought it would be. I remember 15-years-old me having trouble to carry the original PS3 home.

The Series S is ridiculous at 1.9 kg. The One S weighs around 3kg if I remember correctly.

we already got a bunch of images showing how small it is but dang, series s really is small and weighs very little. love it, gonna be great to bring with me on my trips to see friends and partners. Also I’ve spent like much of the last 3 years being told how anyone who is a Real Gamer or cares about having a good online experience or “respects others online experiences” should be using an Ethernet Cable so not sure why wifi 5 vs 6 is suddenly a thing…

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Re: Wi-Fi 6 - I’m sitting here on my dumb ol’ little Intel NUC, with it’s can-do Intel Wireless-AC 8265 chip, and I’m getting 270 down / 23 up just fine. I don’t know why I’m supposed to feel sad or fall for the concern trolling that the Series X won’t have Wi-Fi 6.

I imagine most of the people concern trolling about this are running cheap routers provided by an ISP, or have no idea what their Wi-Fi signal strength is, or are sitting behind a double-NAT’d network, etc, etc, the list goes on.

Given how shockingly poor the PlayStation network experience is today, I can see why they’d be keen to emphasise a faster network experience (although I don’t know if Sony have even confirmed Wi-Fi 6?) but honestly I can’t see today’s AC being a bottleneck in the experience of the majority of gamers.

The lack of WiFi6 may actually be a show-stopper for me if the PS6 has it. My entire house runs WiFi6 (Meraki), and the differences between it and ac are HUGE, especially with Enterprise AP’s. I can understand the cheap box not having it, but the X? My new PC that I’m building even supports it. That is incredibly disappointing if you aren’t going to hardwire the device. I have a hard connection between the living room and the PoP in the basement, but not the media room - house wasn’t built with one. I would need to run it myself, and that run is more than 1000’.

And WiFi6 will give you Gbit speeds, plus the security pieces and integration of the standards with legit 5G radios. It’s a bigger deal than many who are not network illiterate realize. Especially for the next six years …

They are not hiding anymore. False concerns just to raise negativity. What if there is no Wifi 6 on both?

Get ready for Kotaku next piece:

“PS5 has Wifi 6 while XSX doesn’t, the war is over.”