NBA Off Topic Discussion- Space Jam

Lets do this baby


Nice let’s go Raptors baby

Be careful, say anything negative about Giannis and you’ll be banned from watching the sport for a year. The NBA loves their superstars.

Glad the anime didnt get canceled, instead we get a vacation ep

Lakers in Four

someone ban this guy. lakers are lucky they hadn’t tested for hgh during the break

The only positive result they gonna get is for Taco’s Lakers in 3 Taco Tuesdays.

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Though I want Lebron to win another championship, I don’t think it will happen.

in want javale to be a three time champion. so go lakers!

man jazz dont look good. starting to think we might be losing intentionally.

Glad, that the Bulls are too bad to play at the season restart. I don’t want to see another game with egghead boylen at the courtside.

Is Rudy Gobert going to win yet another DPOY after being bounced out of the first round

voting happens before the playoffs start so normally id say there’s a real possibility. unfortunately i dont think he’s on the radar to be #1 in voting this season.

I’m sorry @troll

welcome to my ignore list

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man I’m lucky this thread is pretty dead, ny jazz are washed af

At least Gobert will be second place in DPOY!

Hes probably third in voting and maybe second team all d. We tanked into a match-up against the nuggets that we can totally win. Are you Lakers guy? If so id be worried about the Blazers.

Man the NBA really hates the raptors. Got 2 playoff games a 1:30 while I’m at work and another at 4 while I’m sitting in traffic. I’m so pissed

Yeah, The Blazers are so good. Lakers are just scrappy underdogs who are just lucky to be there. Hopefully the Lakers can win a game