MS Store orders - Did anyone get reward points or money back?

So, a whole ago people were saying we would earn rewards points or money back if we order FROM MS Store?

Can’t say about the series x yet, but as long as you are logged in your account MS store purchase do give you points, as has been my experience in the past.

I was hopeful it would count but i think its digital purchases. Maybe less than 20 per pound for other purchases but i dont know.

“Now you can earn up to 20 points for every £1 spent on eligible digital content”

Go here and you’ll see a list of purchases and the points they earned.

My last two are showing as given points on 2/11 and 9/11

Says on page points allocated 72 hours after purchase completion or shipping.

Edit 2 for clarity neither of these is the console points as the numbers match 2 other orders. So I guess just wait 'til 72 is up hours and then check again.


Interesting. Here’s what mine says:

Fingers crossed we get something…

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Oh that’s nice thanks! So I got 779 points for The Falconeer. I bought a Series X on launch day, I assume I’ll get a couple Ks when it is shipped. One of the reasons why I ordered my XSX (and Falconeer) on the MS Store, plus I had gift cards from MS Rewards, and I trust them more than Walmart, amazon, BB etc

Sooo, I guess we don’t get points for the Xbox?

We dont get points for buying the Xbox through them…? That was one of the big reasons I used them :frowning:



Nope, I sure didnt.

I don’t think I did, either, for the console and accessories.

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I got nothing as well.

Email MS points support and they will hook you up.

Unfortunately, they only gave me a 599 pts in Canada.

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Microsoft Rewards is not available in this country or region.


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Same story here, I got an email response saying due to a temporary system error my points were not added, oh but by the way for devices it’s restricted to 1 point per $.

I’ve checked all of the pages I can find and this restrictions is not documented on any of them, did anyone actually get auto points for series x? And if so how many? So we can compare (and also to know if anyone at all received auto rewards on series x).

I’ve replied asking for a direct link to the T&Cs that state this so will update when I get a response.

I got 500 points

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Well the XSX I ordered on launch day is still showing as “pending” so I wouldn’t know -_-

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That’s it? I was expecting more.

I appear to have gotten 219 points for the Seagate expansion card I ordered. :confused:

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You guys are getting points?