MS Store orders - Did anyone get reward points or money back?

I didn’t get any for my Series X, unless they were awarded at time of pre-order? I used all Microsoft credit(mixture of credit from Rewards & store bought gift cards). Guess I will email support.

I correlated the order history with the rewards earning history. I only ordered one thing on 11th: the $219 expansion card and on that day I got 219 points. :man_shrugging:

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I emailed MS yesterday as I never had the points added.

After thorough investigation, we have verified the purchased you made in Microsoft Store. A temporary system issue prevented your points from being automatically added to your account. As a resolution, we have manually added your 449 points to your account.

Wish we had got the 20pts per pound deal but better than nothing :slight_smile:

UK (guessing from your user name :slight_smile: ). If so then it looks like they are making this up as they go along as reward points are calculated on pre-tax spend (I only got 374 and other auto transactions are the same). You lucked out.

cold comfort to you guys not eligible, but, not as many as they state they will give. An out look license at 1/4 of the price of a series x gave me over double the rewards points.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not moaning about getting free stuff, it just annoys me that this is not mentioned at all in the T&Cs or web pages. It’s clear misrepresentation. Any one reading the literature would reasonably expect 10 points per $ for all but the stated exclusions so to have a restriction on devices that is not stated where a consumer can read it is very shady. And if it’s an true error fixed straight away rather than notifying me that my feedback has been noted.

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I got a reply this morning. They needed my order id. Sent it. Guess we’ll see what they say.

It’s kinda cheap to not give out proper points. I haven’t gotten any, but for 500 points I won’t spend hours of my life with customer service either.

I really dislike these sneaky things.

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Was looking at the rewards details on their site yesterday, and the 10 (up to 20) points per dollar (and presumably pound, euro, whatever other currencies are eligible for the program) is only for digital content purchases. Other purchases are 1:1. A far cry from when I previously got $50 or more from upgrading to Xbox One from Xbox Rewards before it got merged into Bing Rewards.

I mailed them and got 449 points. N was told the points scheme mentioned wasn’t going to be honoured, which is pretty shitty of them to do after the fact. Meh.

Slightly off topic, but has anyone ever gotten rewards points when buying a game as a gift for someone else through the Microsoft store? I don’t think I ever have, and I certainly didn’t a week ago when buying Watchdogs Legion as a gift.

Yep, I bought AC:Valhalla for my brothers birthday a couple of days ago and gifted it. Got the points!

Dang, well that’s interesting. Thanks.

Here’s my update after the conclusion of my support ticket as promised. After an initial query I was given 374 points for console and 183 for expansion card, 1/$ (well pound but the support guys always reference $) pre tax spend. So if your 449 was console only there’s one inconsistency in how MS is presenting.

As I’d never seen this restriction for devices listed anywhere in the FAQs or T&Cs I did some digging around and could not find this stated anywhere. This is what I found on the FAQ under the “What does the Microsoft Rewards Level 2 get me?” question

“Level 2 members can earn five times more points on Bing, earn ten points per pound spent at the Microsoft Store, save up to 10% on reward redemptions, and get access to exclusive offers. Remember to check your Rewards page for current offers.”

Note no links to restrictions or * leading to small print. So pretty much the only thing many will read on this.

I couldn’t find this restriction for devices in any of places I looked T&Cs, reward web pages etc. so pretty clear that any punter seeing this would take this as meaning any MS store purchases of anything get 10/$. Which if not true and not restricted anywhere else is clear mis-representation.

So I raised another follow up ticket to ask for a link to where this is stated for customers (you know may be I just couldn’t find it my bad) and if not present for it to be added post-haste so this was clear to future customers (for clarity I had no intention of chasing them to honour their stated terms more interested in making sure they stop misleading people in future who for some this may be a big factor in their purchasing choice).

Took a few emails (just restating the request) for support to confirm that

" This information is not yet stated in any terms and conditions or FAQ’s regarding shop and earn points. "

When I replied asking when it would be updated as it was misleading to customers (restating my original point) I was just told (again) that it had been forwarded to the product teams then support ticket closed.

So not a great customer experience here at all as this just gives me the impression that MS don’t care about misleading its customers which won’t be remotely true as it will have an entire team dedicated to customer care and experience and I’m sure the person in charge of that would be very interested in hearing feedback like this and in the responses given but they won’t because it’s a big company and this kind of stuff will be filtered out in one of the many management layers in between.

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Nope but I paid half cash and half with reward vouchers, don’t know if that impacts it?

I got a response & they said it was possible there was miscommunication between the server & my account & gave me the full 499. I paid in full Microsoft credit. Mixture of Reward Points, Gift Cards & the $50 Invoke refund.