MS really needs to go in and restructure Mojang

I own and occasionally play both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft and I’m mortified at how slow the development for the Java version of Minecraft is …also the lack of polish in comparison to the Bedrock edition. I understand that the Java edition is arguably bigger than the Bedrock edition (unless that’s changed recently) but MS really needs to restructure Mojang and inform them that their productivity is slacking and needs improvement.

If I were Phil, I’d go to Sweden and tell Jonas that Mojang needs to speed up the development time of Minecraft updates for the Java edition and to double time it on bug fixes and polishing. Otherwise MS should go in and make changes themselves. I understand that MS gives studios a high degree of “autonomy” as long as they’re producing results but at a certain point enough is enough.

The game is earning more money, with more MAU’s than ever. I’m not sure Xbox would agree with your points.


It can earn even more if they actually delivered a polish product though. And that’s probably because of the Bedrock edition ei the edition that’s available in the Apple/Play store and has all the paid DLC with it.

I’ve only dabbled in Minecraft so I can’t say too much about the game itself but I listened to a recent Xbox Two podcast where I recall Jez Corden mentioning that part of the deal with Microsoft included stipulations that Mojang maintain a certain level of autonomy with regards to the game, content and updates.

Based on Jez’s comments on the podcast, I don’t think Phil or MS can simply go over there and tell them they need to this or that.

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The focus is pointed towards the Bedrock edition by design. in fact, I suspect MS might have had a hand in this decision. And hey it is as positive to end-consumers as MS itself, crossplay is possible, the game is lighter, it can support more storefronts and it has cross-purchase on some versions (non-console versions basically).

I think if it was up to Mojang or Microsoft themselves they would just drop the entire Java edition, but they don’t want to face community backlash.

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Not sure about restructuring, but Mojang should support Xbox more. Though maybe some issues were for example due to lack of Minecraft in Microsoft Store for example.

We will see. My point has always been that Minecraft should be leveraged more as exclusive game. I mean Xbox has Roblox exclusive, but does nothing with it either.


Java at least supports 4k and raytracing, a thing i’m still waiting for on my Xbox.

Part of the reason why Bedrock even exists is because Java is kind of shit so they rewrote the foundation in C++. Working on legacy code in an app that has a huge modding community and tens if not hundreds of millions of users takes a lot of time and careful consideration.

Think of all the platforms they support and the versions of Java, windows, Mac, android, etc they support on top of that. Hardware configs. realms server support. QA and deployment must be a monumental challenge.

I think there’s a clear reason why a game like Minecraft Dungeons is able to get more frequent content drops and updates. It’s newer and has better code architecture.

While it would be nice for MC to get more frequent updates or special treatment for Xbox and all that, I don’t think it’s as easy as it sounds and throwing more hands and money at it won’t solve everything.


yup, i came here to say this same thing exactly. so glad to see it posted already.

Same things happen with League of legend and Wild Rift. Wild rift has a better code and i better than LoL cuz he come out 10 years later

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I have no horse in the Java Edition race but I do think the Minecraft IP is poorly used to benefit the Xbox ecosystem. Yes they bring in a lot of money, which is very nice, but I think it could also be used to leverage Xbox more.

Some ideas:

  • Spin-offs like Minecraft Dungeons should be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem. It has a pull factor for Xbox Game Pass and would be a great foot in the door for many, especially families. There should also be more of these kind of games.

  • Xbox Series X|S version should be prioritized. Why Minecraft isn’t used to promote Series X|S as the superior console way to experience the game I don’t understand.

  • More Perks for Xbox Game Pass users. Make it so that people would choose to play through Game Pass above all.

  • Bigger Minecraft presence in overall marketing and shows. Also vice-versa, bigger Xbox presence in Minecraft.


Simple as that. “Minecraft has lots of users and makes a lot of money” isnt something tangible xbox users can work with. Not like we are getting itemized receipts saying X, Y and Z game pass game is brought in with Minecraft revenue.


I read up and did some thorough research on what Jez said and this is how it works

What MS (and any parent company) is 100% able to do is replace and assign directors of the board of the company (in this case Mojang) The Board are the leaders of the company and can override and even replace the CEO (Jonas Mårtensson) Microsoft can assign and replace whoever they want to the board

If MS really wanted to they can change the leadership at any of their subsidiaries on a whim…if they REALLY wanted to they can absolutely incorporate Mojang or any of their companies but its better to keep them as subsidiaries because if they do anything illegal then MS isn’t responsible for it and won’t be subject to getting sued.

Now I’m absolutely sure that when MS bought Mojang there were good faith agreements but nothing legally binding, MS can do whatever they want one way or another even if it comes straight from replacing board members who in turn can replace the CEO. Of course you can’t retain talent that way. If MS starts pulling these things it’s going to make them look bad, be terrible for morale and it’s going to send a very bad message to future acquisitions. I’d wager money that every studio MS has bought over the last few years had spoken to Mojang and Rare and that their endorsement helped close out a lot of these deals.

Mojang really is more a Microsoft thing than it is for Xbox and I think for what the game is (it’s actually a platform on it’s own really) then I say just let them do their thing the way they do it. Seems pretty successful…

It isn’t…MS doesn’t have a separate division for Minecraft…it all falls under gaming/Xbox according to MS leadership board…the Linkedin CEO is on the Microsoft leadership page because he answers directly to Satya and Amy Hood…Mojang’s CEO isn’t there because they answer directly to Phil.

It is successful …doesn’t mean it can’t be more successful.


We gotta stop repeating this because Minecraft is part of xbox and thats the end of it. That they operate with a set of rules different to everyone else is the main topic and xbox inability to leverage a top 3 IP like they should.


I have no idea how anyone still argues and peddles this crap (Minecraft is a Microsoft thing and not an Xbox thing)

Even though it’s literally right here listed on the XGS website…


Minecraft doesn’t really seems an Xbox game because it doesn’t follow any of these standards and it’s really strange, it only makes sense to leverage to the fullest the best selling game ever, no? I’m sure it makes a lot of money, but I’m equally sure they can make it more complementary to Xbox.

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Ffs, I do understand that Minecraft is made by Mojang who are part of Xbox Games Studios, lol.

I was more meaning that Minecraft is more than just a game, Microsoft use it heavily through educational software in schools, they run programming competitions using MC and in many other non traditional gaming ways.

It’s a game that has captured the imagination of young kids across the world for years and years and everyone is like - fuck all that shit, how can they exploit the IP to benefit Xbox. lol


You know you can do all those things while leveraging the game in the console space for your parent company no?