MS 2021 Q3 Results

MS Revenue was $41.7 billion and increased 19% :crazy_face:

Xbox content and services revenue increased 40% (up 38% in constant currency)

Gaming revenue grew 50%

Xbox hardware revenue was up 232% :star_struck:

Yes, this Brit did buy shares. Well a couple. Been cheerleading that stock hard to go north of $260 for a while now (damn you exchange rate :wink:).

Xbox content and services revenue has also increased by 34 percent compared to the same quarter last year. Gaming became a key hobby for many during 2020, and that trend has remained throughout 2021. Microsoft’s overall gaming revenue is up 50 percent, after reaching $5 billion for the first quarter ever last quarter.


Is Game Pass sustainable now??

Great results for Xbox! Not that I am a shareholder, but it’s awesome to see good results for the platform I’m most invested in.


Any gamepass subscriber numbers?

Not seeing anything in the earning report, but Windows Central had reported 22 million earlier.

They usually report it a bit later in a conference call

I don’t think so, they still need PlayStation help and put some Bethesda games there…

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Maybe here.

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So the last few quarters, only Azure has posted higher growth. Phil Spencer is going to receive more cheques from Satya really soon lol.


Xbox Game Pass has become the real exclusive for the Xbox ecosystem at this point, driving record revenues for gaming even prior to when their 23 first party studios really start putting out the content. That is the most impressive thing in this in general and the reason to think that the ceiling for them is really high going forward when all of the content starts to flow in from first party too.


But I thought grandmothers were going to buy Xbox One X’s instead?


Total gaming revenue growth was even same as azure, content and services count only sales of games (1st and royalties for 3rd) and subscriptions.

Net income of $15.5 billion. Trying to wrap my head around that number. That’s two Bethesdas with change.

Anyone still think the Bethesda deal needs Playstation money in order to work for MS?


I know, but this is the area that Microsoft really cares about because it contains Game Pass.

By the way, how do the naysayers wrap their heads around this, because they say no one is paying the full price for Game Pass and/or that it causes people to not buy games. It doesn’t seem like that’s the case here lol.

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This is the calm before the storm of exclusives that is coming later this year and every year going forward.

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30 B net income from last 2 Q results. Damn.

Satya better hand Phil a couple 10B checks for some shopping and investing purposes. The growth in gaming and gamepass is crazy. Up there with Azure.They need to invest even more in gaming and gamepass. Be even more aggressive.The more they will invest, the more they will grow. Bethesda acquisition and gamepass investment really kicked that growth into an extra gear. I hope they continue to aggressively invest even more so, try to get more and major AAA games day 1 on gamepass, acquire more publishers, studios and you’ll own the subscription services for the foreseeable future. The head start would be too big for anyone else to compete with. As a gamepass subscriber it’s all I care about. 1 subscription service for almost all my needs. And out of all the companies, MS is the least evil one out there compared to the obvious ones. They’re bringing all their games to every device possible making it as accessible as possible, they have so many consumer friendly features, they have so many consumer friendly practices in regards to refunds and respecting your purchases as well by allowing every game you ever bought to be forward compatible. You can pay 60 bucks for a game today and in 30 years you can still play that on the Xbox/Gamepass device that’s out then for free. I don’t see any other company allowing that.

This growth doesn’t include the effects of Outrider and MLB right ? If so, WOW.


Xbox revenue from March 31, 2020 to March 31, 2021 was of over 15 billion dollars.

This calendar year’s total Xbox revenue should be 17 or 18 billion.



Nadella should give Phil some billions to play with, again.