Most biased article?

I know there are a number of writers out there who let their preference get the better of being objective but this one is one of the worst I’ve seen in a while:

It’s quite depressing really, I feel like Microsoft have had a good couple of days and really felt like they’d be getting good press but this guy’s take is that the Series S is too underpowered to be next gen, gamepass only has old games, there’s nothing to play on Xbox and you should probably get a Pc. …or a Playststion where you can play their amazing first party games. It feels like fanboy drivel. A quick look at the videos he’s put out sees him gushing over the last of us and presenting from home with a Playststion ornamanent behind him. It’s fairly clear where his affections are.

This is the nearest I’ve ever come to sending a “journalist” a complaint!


1 word: CLUELESS

I think that’s too kind, I just edited in some stuff, this guy is a fanboy presenting his personal bias as fact. He’s not clueless, he knows what he’s doing.


So he is dumb on purpose…to make such false and misleading statements You always have to strike these guys really hard with facts to make them understand otherwise they will continue…

You can’t make someone understand who doesn’t want to…

Why is he/she getting paid to parrot the same fanboy drivel I find under every single Xbox related tweet or a video? It really doesn’t take some kind of profound journalistic insight to come up with dumb shit like this, then again I gave up on games journalism long time ago so I guess this isn’t really a surprise?


Seems like a really nice guy:

I’m not from the UK, so I haven’t really been keeping up, but I remember that back in my childhood BBC used to stand for something. I take it their news coverage is now more akin to that of Daily Star and similar tabloids?

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There’s always a but or however, you can’t just have pure good news.

‘Xbox Series S $199 without a disc drive same power as Xbox Series X, however is it enough?’

‘Xbox Series S $199 without a disc drive same power as Xbox Series X, but does it really matter?’

‘Xbox Series S $199 without a disc drive same power as Xbox Series X, but is it a premium console?’

‘Xbox Series S $199 without a disc drive same power as Xbox Series X, but is there a reason to buy it?’

You always see headlines like that lol (obviously I just completely made up) I don’t know how MS can shake off these sorts of things, I guess maybe once a MASSIVE exclusive game hits then maybe it’ll stop.

I do find it amusing IGN has for the first time done a video where they sorta shit talk PS5 and hype up Xbox.


Don’t worry, it’ll not stop.

When MS has such good 1st party games line-up this year and you see articles like this one then you know something is not right. A lot of people want their AAA cinematic games and nothing else matters apparently so yeah unless Xbox starts putting out casual friendly “mature” and “serious” 3rd person action adventure games (which I hope they won’t do btw) then we will continue to see a lot of similar “articles” in the future too.

I am much more excited to play Gears Tactics or replay Οri 2 at 120fps than a Spiderman expansion and a remake of a PS3 game that I played to death with no involvement from Miyazaki but I know that I am sadly in the minority so I have accepted that they will be a lot of “concern” and Series S/X has no games articles/threads going forward.


all of this. Lol I’m just tired of this shit by now, Xbox has literally had their best year in recent memory and yet they can’t seem to get by without bs like this. My twitter block list keeps getting bigger and bigger to the point where this is what I see under every xbox tweet.


Healthy discourse is dead, and games media aren’t doing anything better to prevent that when they’re active participants in it.

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Sure, I think the issue I had is that he doesn’t say it’s the same power, he says that

With the PS5 likely to release at over double that amount, it’s a clever move on Microsoft’s part to be able to say “we have a next gen machine that’s half the price”. Of course, that argument falls down somewhat when one actually compares performance, but for the sake of marketing it’s a strong message.

Which strongly implies that the machine is unable to keep up, as opposed to just outputting a different resolution. In the examples you gave, those would be all opinions, this article presents it as being factual.

Hmmm - its not a great article but I’m not seeing some huge bias or inaccuracy in it.

He correctly states that the S is a great deal BUT its not in the same ballpark specs wise as the PS5 and Series X. Its possible, maybe even likely that the PS5 DE could be £349…which would make the S look…not as good value.

He’s right about Halo delay and lack of killler launch app.

It is written with a editorial opinion based style which may or may not always be a good idea and its far from a balanced piece BUT its an opinion you see all over frankly. I’ll say this whilst the price and design of the S is great and the X is competitively priced for the worlds most powerful console…if the PS5 is priced in a similar ballpark or lower then today’s news hasn’t shifted the next gen needle in anyway.

Xbox needs to ensure that it has games to show off that people want to play. This has been the case for a number of years now and we are still waiting. For someone like me, invested in the ecosystem the price is absolutely great news. But in terms of excitement for next gen its fair that Xbox doesn’t have a killer app at launch that will sell their hardware to those not in the ecosystem already. I don’t think that’s controversial. If PS5 is more expensive than Series X then I think the conversation alters a bit.

Yeah, this is from BBC Scotland, so a regional office and that guy isn’t really a journalist by my reckoning. If there’s any serious reporting to be done, it won’t be this guy, who just seems to do reviews that only get shown on a small part of a regional output - I’ve never even heard of the “The Social” before. My phone picked up the headline and added it to my news feed, which is how I saw it, not because I look at the site. I imagine he’s operating with little to no oversight, though I could be wrong on that. Certainly I’d be surprised if the BBC’s main technology reporting department pay much if any attention to him. You can see from his follower count (I’ve got more twitter followers than him!) that he’s no great influencer.

In absolute fairness nobody knows how the S will do in comparison to the X especially as we move into the generation and look at big multiplat titles on new engines. Whilst Microsoft have clearly worked very very hard on scaling the machine - as a few devs have pointed out the risk is that not all engines scale linearly with resolution. And UE5 is said to be one of those potentially. Which means you may have to sacrifice more on the Series S than just a lower resolution. The lower CU count - may impact on RTX capability since again we know that scales very strongly with CUs…

Until we see it across a range of test case games and engines we don’t really know how big or small any sacrifices will be…

I think what you’re saying is fair but I think it’d be fair to accept what Microsoft are saying - that is to say that the CPU is the same (which is why the number of teraflops isn’t a good comparison tool) and that the machine does everything the same, aside from output resolution. It’s reasonable to accept what the devs are saying MIGHT happen is a possibility of course but that’s not what this guy is saying.

He’s saying the S is underpowered, when there isn’t any indication of that when you consider it doesn’t output 4k. I don’t think we need to make allowances for this sort of thing - the guy is a fanboy using his position to talk down a product that’ll lower the bar for entry to new experiences, purely because it comes from the wrong company.

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Look at the state of this one too:

Sony wins because they still haven’t told anyone when their console will come out or how much it’ll cost?!


I’m not convinced he’s saying the S is underpowered - is he not saying that the S looks amazing value BUT relative to power of the GPU it depends on the PS5 price? Underpowered is a meaningless term - we won’t know that till later. And I strongly suspect that it will play out as more or less the same as the X with resolution being the only differential, but there will be cases where the S version is not as good in one or two other ways (and oh boy just wait for them threads on social media and elsewhere!). But yeah - I think we have good reason to believe the S will perform as advertised.

But if the value to you is relative to power its only a bargain if the PS5DE is considerably more expensive…isn’t that all the article is saying? Because for example if a 9Tflop PS5 is £50 more…then yeah…that doesn’t look such great value.

Now THAT article is pure clickbait, console warring, fanboy nonsense. Can’t believe anyone has written such drivel.