Microsoft/Xbox Q3 earnings FY 2022. Gaming Revenue increased by 6%

I need to start collecting gif/meme but here it goes…

It has begun!!!


XBOX baby!!! :joy:

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Stock price is rising.

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And now imagine what’s gonna happen when ABK deal closes.

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“10 million people have used Xbox cloud games to date.” This is a very expressive number for a technology with almost no marketing so far by Microsoft.

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Conference call tweet thread available @

It has begun.


I imagine that news already influenced the market in some way in small capacity. Maybe like some CoD fans who are getting into the new gen are being future-proof and getting an Xbox instead


Not just about ABK, this “era” is pre-Bethesda too, i mean yes knowing Bethesda will release their games exclusively on Xbox/PC helps, but it’s not until these games release that we should see the real impact.

And Xbox is doing incredibly well on their weakest (by far) moment of the generation, they were very lucky too with the Series S, which had much less demand than Series X, but it’s doing so well thanks to the lack of stock on the big consoles, but this end of year things can get crazy, even more if MS manages to release something on the first half of 2023.

Bet Xbox will be the most sold console on USA, and who knows if in the UK, we’re back to a X360 era, but with MS also being the biggest developer on PC too.


Nobody predicted COVID and chip shortage though :sweat_smile:

Xbox is growing rapidly and taking market share while not really firing at all cylinders and coming off a bad generation.


That doesn’t matter. The growth would still be there without Covid.

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Seems like Microsoft is still expecting shortages issues going into Q4

Honestly, I was optimistic for better back but never expected this much and was quite shaky up until the Bethesda news. I didn’t think MS was seriously gunning to be #1 in gaming and with this much investment and backing, and there was even the war chest meme for that lol

Growth would happen regardless (it was bound to happen). The point is high big it would be if Sony would not be decimated by the chip shortages.

But if that continues, Xbox is highely likely to win the market share on the west.


IiiIIIIiiiIIIIiiiif :crazy_face:


Better than saying it will be fine with certainty.

By the way, the stock market went up like $16.00. That’s crazy.