Microsoft should give Gears and Halo to different studios

Halo Infinite and Gears 5 were good games but not as good as the original trilogy. Microsoft should give the IPs to one of their amassed studios, imagine Halo by iD Software and Gears by Ninja Theory or any other Devs.

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I mean, we’ve already gotten Gears Tactics and Halo Wars. Spin-offs I’m fine handing off to a different team. Mainline games? Not so much.

I’m good would rather have 343 or coalition do something new before they do that and coalition already is

Halo Infinite is every bit as good as the old trilogy, Hivebusters is excellent too. Halo and Gears are in great hands despite hyperbole spewed by disgruntled “fans” who want Halo 2 over and over again.


Technically all Gears of Wars and Halos after 3 have been given to different studios already.


How about no?

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Yeah sorry bro. That’s a no. Instead why not give those IP a break and have 343 and Coalition do new things to reinvigorate themselves

I’d have no problem with seeing another spin on Halo and Gears of War and what they could look like, but as for 343 and The Coalition not working on those IPs, that isn’t going to happen.

That being said I would like to see 343 and The Coalition be able to make a new IP, this way they can be known for the games they are famous for then something else too.

I would like to see the Coalition and definitely 343 make a new IP. They need to try something different.

The coalition I think is doing a good job with gears, but 343… I still support a halo made by Id software, or heck even treyarch

343i and The Coalition are defined as the studios responsible for Halo and Gears.

It’s even referenced in the names.

Any change will always come from inside the studios not outside them.

And both are currently doing a very good job, especially when you consider the legacy and baggage of the franchises.


Fuck no

What is this obsession with other teams being forced onto Halo and Gears, not to mention wanting to buy new studios just to get to work on dead, irrelevant IPs

Also Infinite is better than the old games, it’s just lacking content right now


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Why do y’all let these threads exist?

Only for side games. Leverage the IPs with titles in other genres. I still think the Halo IP is underutilized.

Halo Spartan Assault was a great concept and it was executed well on the console. Frankly the mobile game they should have made was a Flood Tower Defense game. Halo Wars added a lot to the IP.

More titles like those and Gears Tactics. New genres that make a lot of sense.

With these AAA titles having 5 to 7 year development cycles, I think having these different games released mid-cycle makes a lot of sense.

That, or smaller titles like ODST and Hivebusters that build on existing engines to help shorten development cycles.

These are the only ways I want to see new developers brought in. I wouldn’t be saying this if Halo Infinite didn’t play as great as it does and if Gears 5 didn’t impress me.

I’m not saying that Halo Infinite is perfect, either, but there may be problems with some decision making in management and vision rather than their ability to make a really good Halo game. We have a game that truly feels like a contemporary game with the distinct Halo feel and we don’t need anything that feels completely foreign with a Halo paint job. Some would argue that Halo 5 was that.