Microsoft Rewards Game Pass Quests

How are you doing that? Over like 2 months i only have €5.

Not sure if it’s different in the US, but I just complete all the Bing mobile and desktop searches, do the daily set, and then do the simple/easy Game Pass Quests.

I net about 400-500 points a day on average doing this, which equates to about 12,000-15,000 points a month. Add in some of the monthly Game Pass challenges and bonuses points they tend to add every month, and bank my points waiting for XBL Gift Card Hot Deals (which occur every 3 months or so), and I average out to about $20/month in Xbox credit.

For about 5-10 minutes of my time every day.

The game pass quests were worth it when they first came out then they nerfed everything to horrible values. I just do the daily bing rewards app quests and the Microsoft rewards Xbox app


Yeah, from what I’ve seen the US have more opportunities to earn points. Like you said though, if you’re doing everything you can in the month you can walk away with 12 to 15 thousand which is my average as well and I’m in the UK. Totally worth it by taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to do it.

Most I’ve got in a month is 5,000 i think. I think it’s probably more to do with my country. I don’t have bing rewards here.

Back when we still had Xbox Rewards, I was really involved with the program, and as a result of all the savings I was buying a lot more stuff. Then they switched to MS Rewards which are geoblocked and only available in select countries, which is utter bullshit.

I think this was deleted from the play store :frowning:

Last week both myself and the wife lost our 40 week streaks. Mine showed getting three achievements but the wife’s didn’t so contacted support and was given 140 reward points on the wife’s account. However she lost her streak and didn’t get the 2.5k points that were due that week. As for myself I also lost my streak for no apparent reason but don’t really see the point of getting in touch with support again. I guess it’s a decent free rewards scheme so can’t really complain.

What time will the new quests go up?

Yeah it can be buggy at times which sucks. Feels good when you save them up and get a bunch of money off a game that’s already on sale :+1:

I’m up to 52k points but I’ve only started taking the GamePass rewards more seriously this past month or two, it’s great and very easy to get the big 1k quest.

I really need to be better at doing the daily Bing quests though to boost my balance.

The Microsoft Rewards app already have new activities on console. We’ll get new Game Pass Quests in the next few hours (10AM PDT).

Yeah love the rewards scheme, saved me a fortune over the years.

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New Quests available, these are the games needed for weekly and monthly activities. The others are on par with past months, like play 10 games of the catalog, download 5 games from the app, complete a certain number of daily/weekly activities, etc.


  • Fallout 76 (50 points) - Just run the game
  • The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (50 points) - Kill 12 enemies


  • Gears 5 (75 points) - Unlock three achievements
  • The Bard’s Tale ARPG Remastered (75 points) - Unlock two achievements
  • Soulcalibur VI (75 points) - Win 5 competitive matches online
  • Disneyland Adventures (75 points) - Get 150k coins

Thanks for this, will have to get a few games installed. Normally I like to try the weekly “just run a game” game, but I’m really not interested in Fallout 76.

I’ve also never played The Witcher 3 before so may as well give that a shot.

All of these seem pretty doable. I’ll probably skip the Soulcalibur one as I’m not much of a competitive fighter.

One useful tip to get the 50 Bing searches done in no time: type a name of an actor, scroll down until you see some pictures of other actors/movies, click there and just tap the pictures on the new page.

Ohh I’ll remember this. I always just mash random letters into the search bar 50 times

If you need some help with the Game Pass Quests, you can visit this YouTube channel. This guy makes some great vids on how to complete them.

The Reddit rewards site has been great for getting some free points, I cashed out a few months ago for $130 in Amazon credit, then cashed out some last month for a couple of games on sale and I’m still at $40 in MS points if I redeem today. Its the first thing I do every morning, bing searches/ Dailies while watching Morning Joe.