Microsoft Rewards Game Pass Quests

So I started doing Microsoft rewards proper back in 2017 on and off with the searches and whatnot but Its really only in the last year and a half where I’ve really dedicated myself to doing it daily.

When they started incorporating the quests into Xbox game pass, that was it. I do these weekly and I thought it was a fun little add on to the service on top of the searches and quizzes I already do.

Over the last couple of years I was able to pretty much buy 3 years worth of game pass and I will be able to get £200 off the XSX by buying directly from Microsoft store.

Just wondering what everybody else thinks of Microsoft Rewards and do you bother with the game pass quests?


I love Microsoft Rewards, and Game Pass Quests have just been the cherry on top of an already fantastic service.

I’m getting like $20 of free Xbox credit a month. It’s great.


I know, it’s pretty great and I definitely think it a rewards program that doesn’t get talked about enough, especially with how rewarding it’s been

mostly because it’s not available in enough regions. :frowning:

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Ah damn, that sucks! Where are you based?

I have a 60 week streak on the Xbox One Rewards app going. There’s actually a separate Summer Quest going on as well. It is definitely worth it and not difficult. Everyday when I check my emails, I do the daily sets on PC, 180 week streak there. Set my goal as the $100 gift card, which I got last year. It’s awesome.

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India. Mind you, game pass here is very cheap, GPU is actually 10 dollars instead of 15, and GPPC is less than 4 (hope they don’t increase that in the guise of leaving beta), but it’d be really dope if these Rewards and Quests features were available here as well.

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I’m way to lazy to keep up with these haha I’ve done some without meaning too but don’t actively go for it. I do think it’s really cool for those who can be bothered and it’s another way to make our hobby cheaper.


Started doing this regularly its amazing how quick them points start to build up and once you get in to a routine of doing them its no hassle and you tend not to forget either

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I tried to set bing as my search engine, it’s just so bad. I switched it back today.

I expect to be able to cut down 100-150 Euros from Series X having grinded the points since March or so. Fantastic combination of services that rewards loyalty.

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I make sure to get the 1000 points a month from the Game Pass quests. Usually without trying too hard.

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I’ve been getting a bit lazy with the browser stuff recently, just keep forgetting. Though I don’t maximise all my searches or anything to get the best yield, I mostly just kind of let it build up in the background and do GP quests where I can.

I’ve got about 50k in points at the moment; I got into a habit of redeeming £5 gift cards whenever I had enough, and though that’s a nice little discount on a game or whatever, I decided to just let it build up earlier this year and see how far I get (thinking I’d use it towards the Series X). I’ll probably just end up using it to subsidise my purchase of whatever the Halo Infinite legendary edition is going to be, instead.

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I also love this program from MS. There’s a great Android app that helps me do all my searches and get all my points each day called rewards automator. Here’s the link to it if you need it.

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Reward points quests are amazing.


At least Game pass is cheap I guess. Here’s hoping they roll it out to your country asap so you can benefit from it!

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Not the best at doing the actual Game Pass quests, but I do my Bing searches nearly everyday. Sat at 135,000 and that’ll be going towards a new custom lab Series X pad or the actual console itself. Although, I might wait and see what the Infinite collectors edition looks like.

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Cheers, I’ll check it out!

That link doesn’t work. Any issues with getting banned?

Here’s a pic. Sorry if it’s not working.