Microsoft reduces PC Windows Store cut to just 12 percent

As part of our commitment to empower every PC game creator to achieve more, starting on August 1 the developer share of Microsoft Store PC games sales net revenue will increase to 88%, from 70%.


With more incentive to dev for PC and Xbox and PC becoming more alike to develop to (Agility SDK + Directstorage), if a game comes to PC, there’ll be little to no reason for it not to come to Xbox console as well.




I wonder if this means that Microsoft makes Game Pass a Windows store only thing for PC gaming.

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mainly with the Japanese games that arrive on PC but not on Xbox Console.


Exactly, their goal here is making the ecosystem so close together, so tight that it would be unreasonable to develop for PC and leave Xbox and the cloud alone.

At one point, Xbox will instantly mean for everyone Console+PC+Cloud, no longer having clear distinctions on the dev side.


Yep. They obviously have the first party games to entice gamers and gamepass is the cheaper option to steam, throw in Xcloud to reach large audiences who don’t have powerful rig and you’ve got your selling point.

I’ve seen the sentiment that this seemed to be announced too early since the store improvements are not here yet. Here’s some thoughts on that. We have to remember that deciding where to release is typically done earlier on in the game development process so it makes some sense to announce what they did now. Hopefully the store changes will be around when the first dev decisions to target windows store bear fruit.

like i said in the comm thread, if they’re treating games as something different than the rest of the apps it’s only a good thing

you gotta reassure devs that publishing something on the store/“new store” doesn’t comes with additional QA/porting efforts etc

Well, they are remaking the windows store to allow win32 apps instead of wrapping all apps in UWP, so mods support and such will work more like they would for anything you install outside the windows store. It’s clear to me since they are remaking the windows store, which is supposed to have its remake complete this fall, that they are doubling down on their own storefront and choosing to make it competitive with epic and steam.

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It will help make Gamepass PC deal easy.

Games will be cheaper on MS store.

Top notch investment here.

Microsoft reducing the cut to make price cheaper this gen.

Sony raising price of games to this gen.

Investment VS Return

Will we see a Sony game on Microsoft Store :thinking::crazy_face:


Yeah, even though Microsoft puts their games elsewhere they still want you to come to their platform because it makes them more money.

The main problems I hear are the download speeds, realibilty of installs, and the fact you don’t have control to modify the files etc. Matt addressed the first two, so we will see about the 3rd point. If they can sort out those 3 options I think the store will see more activity just due to the convenience of Game Pass more than anything.


This is GIGANTIC news for PC peeps.

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Well allowing win32 files would address third one as wrapping the windows stores in uwp format is why you dont have that traditional file control.


Yeah I know and hopefully Jez is right and that is the case because it should absolutely solve the 3rd point.

My only issue is that it wouldn’t help the games currently on the service but going forward I cannot see any developer wrapping their games in a UWP layer when they can just submit the win.32 version as is.

According to Windows Central, a public preview could be after Microsoft Build next month, with the official release on Fall.

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I clicked this link on Twitter to see if he said anymore and it turns out there are actual Epic Games Store fanboys :laughing:

Tbf they have given away a lot of games.

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Although that is expected – it seems – from the forthcoming Windows Store update (courtesy Windows Central), we have to see how they address trust and security issues that traditional UWP handles so well.

Even if they do a background security check, it should pave the way for Win32 downloads, and delinking from the Windows Store services overall.

The Returnal scores today might be fun for those excited about the game or for certain console warriors, but this news IMO is far more important to gaming as these types of things have the potential to propel Microsoft forward in their full Xbox ecosystem in big ways.


I feel like this could mean no Game Pass on Steam now, but then again MS could want it everywhere, but then I don’t see the point of a move like this if they don’t want to start to work on their own store and having Game Pass exclusive to your store will be big. This could be a play to get smaller games on their own store so it’s easier to get them in Game Pass on PC and maybe even console.

Just hit me if Windows store games can be played on console and console games played on Windows store does this mean we could see games like Valheim and Rust launch day 1 on Xbox and PC instead of devs having to make a port.