Microsoft patented their own trigger force feedback technology, should they have included it in the Series controllers?

Can this work in tandem with elite’s trigger locks?

If so I’m in, otherwise I prefer having the option to increase the trigger response.

Have you used it? If not should probably refrain from the “gimmick” talk because it’s far beyond that…

I’ve used it, and I don’t like it.

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So long as it can be disabled, bring it on. Gyro is a top priority though. Mid gen controller refresh is fine with me.


Gyro? Why would you want to use that? Honest question :slight_smile:

Ughhh the day Xbox implements gyro is the day I leave the ecosystem. I’m 40 - I play a lot of shooters - and online MP games - the LAST thing I want is being dominated by gyro style kids. Its too big a change for the core and not something I’d ever agree with. I don’t like K&M being on console either but at least there are disadvantages to using that and its so super niche that nobody cares.

You play splatoon right - and try and use the sticks to be competitive - its impossible. Literally impossible. But Xbox is about sticks - not waving controllers around.

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It’s available on Nintendo and Sony platforms, and I think it would get wider adoption if it became universal. I like it as a supplementary aiming option and for indirect things like text input in some games.

I own the digital edition ps5. So yes I have used the console I bought. Just because my opinion doesn’t match yours. Does not mean it’s not valid or that someone hasn’t used it. I have already beat miles morales and completed 3 of the 4 hubs in Astro’s playroom. Played a bit of cod.

So in my honest opinion, it’s a gimmick. It’s not any different than PlayStation move, kinect, or the wii-motes. I don’t consider blowing on my controller to be revolutionary. I don’t enjoy having waggle my controller and pivot my arms left to right to climb. I don’t enjoy feedback from the controller when I’m trying to shoot someone.

Those are all gimmicky things that the controller is doing. It’s not an additive experience to me as the gamer. There is nothing wrong with you liking those features. However, it’s also okay for people to not like it.


To have games like Age of Empires on console. RTS games in general would benefit greatly from it.

It’s a gimmick, MS is staying for away from gimmicks after kinect.


Some people don’t like the resistance the triggers provide. They just want to shoot when they pull the trigger. For twitch shooters it’s seen as a hindrance.

Haptics should have been in the Series controllers at least.

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Clearly MS is staying away from gimmicks after the Kinnect shit.

Smart move.

It’s fun for single player experiences but I’d no way want that in multiplayer. It doesn’t personally bother me that Xbox doesn’t have these features.

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Only if it didn’t chip away immensely from the battery like it apparently does for PS5.

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Options are always a good thing

Absolutely, but only when they don’t come at a price.

Some relevant info for this thread, MS is doing some market research on the topic:

My opinion before was influenced by the price of the DS5, which I think essentially makes gaming more out of reach for people. I still believe that:

  • the Immersion™ haptic feedback should replace rumble (could be offsetting costs there)

  • I’d like force feedback on the triggers (will definitely add costs)

But I can safely say that the mic and speaker setup are not needed. This along with no touch pad can result in a controller with all of the haptics at a lower cost overall.

I’d also like different color LED lights on the controller but I’ve been asking for that low cost enhancement for years and they don’t seem to be interested. I just think it’s useful to differentiate players in local multiplayer games, can blink green if you get messages while watching a movie with do-not-disturb on, etc.

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As an owner of both systems, my personal take is that the haptic feedback is the obvious next step in rumble. It’s far better and at the very least MS should have used this. But… It’s not the huge step up people claim. Likewise the switch wasn’t either. It’s just higher precision, and better balanced with what’s happening. I still like it, though.

However those triggers can go in the bin. Utterly dreadful. All they do is mess up my gameplay, and they don’t even work right half the time. It’s just bad to play, and for somebody who already has bad hands, it makes the games poor to play. I turn this off.


to make the Xbox controller perfect, I think MS should add a button for mute the sound above the share button and add haptic feedback because it’s just natural evolution of rumble

Imo, like Gavin Stevens said, adaptative trigger are not interesting, it’s awful for mp shooter and it does not look reliable. Mic is also useless in 99% of games except Astrobot, I don’t think it’s a good addition to Xbox controller.

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This is what it should be like and reminds me of the old SEGA Vs Nintendo days and anything either corp did well the other would copy. I really wish mind MS would look to bring VR to the Series X and S next