Microsoft opens xCloud game streaming beta early tomorrow

I’m trying to use this on a amazon fire tablet but it keeps telling me the app version isn’t compatible with my device. :disappointed:

I really hope we get a PC beta soon.

Checked Google play, nothing yet.

Only one more hour to go!

I was confused at the start of the week when I got an Xbox Australia promotional email with a link to xCloud on the Xbox AU site… unfortunately the link went to a “page not found”.

I’ll be keeping my eyes out for any updates though. Hoping for at least a beta here by the end of the year.

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Here I am compulsively refreshing the Play Store’s Updates tab, with no result so far :weary:

Cmon, Google, gimme that update.

Apparently it only works with the latest revision of the HD8 and HD10. If you have no USB-C your Android might be too old.

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Has anyone received this update yet? I don’t see the streaming option in either the Game Pass or Game Pass Beta app.

I don’t think they’ve pushed the app update yet.

I think it’s a separate app, not an update to the existing app.

Unless I’m misunderstanding you here.

It’s the Game Pass (beta) app, which will receive an update today. No?

Oh OK that’s what I was thinking. Wasn’t sure if you were talking about the base app. Sorry!

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Thanks for the heads up.

If you’re a little tech savvy and your Fire HD8 is not older than 2018 than you might want to google „install Lineage OS 17.1 on Fire HD 8“ to get Android 10 running on your hardware. I haven’t tried it myself though.

Honestly it’s probably not worth the hassle. I’m really an Apple guy but wanted to check this out. I do have a Surface tablet but idk if the beta or full rollout includes Windows at this point.

Not yet.

Still no update for me yet

Another hour and we riot.

Just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and downloaded the app. So hopefully can try out later today.

Hey @TechnicPuppet and @JaggedSac , I put up a rundown of my first impressions of the Kishi in a post, I’ll link it below. First forum post I’ve made in over 10 years lol. Enjoy!

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