Microsoft opens xCloud game streaming beta early tomorrow

via The Verge

Microsoft is allowing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to try its new game streaming feature (xCloud) early tomorrow, August 11th. The software giant will launch a new version of the Xbox Game Pass beta app for Android, which includes game streaming.

Niiiice! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow! This hit me completely by surprise!


Yep. I have it downloaded and ready…

Been using the preview quite a bit and it really is pretty impressive.

What controller is everyone using? I really want a Kishi but it seems too expensive at the moment.

Just a regular Xbox one controller for now.

Same here. Curious to see how it is compared to the current app. Probably the same with an additional streaming option

Do you have a clip?

Been using the Xbox controller with a clip for a while, which is good, but when I saw the Xbox version of the Kishi, I had to get it. Just came in today so extensive review pending, but I did try it with PPSSPP & MyBoy! and to me, it is already worth it. Makes my Pixel 2XL feel like a lighter Switch.

Be great to hear your thoughts after you’ve had some time with it.

So I don’t need anything special to try this…like I can prop up my phone and connect a controller wireless right?

As long as it’s android and u have an active gamepass ultimate sub… Yes.

Nice. Looking forward to it.

I’ve been using this on my tv via shield, it’s pretty good.

Hey I’m in Australia, do we get to try it or what?

Computer says no.


Will you be putting your review as a forum post or a blog post somewhere. Will be interested to hear what you have to say. May grab one as well.

The company has now outlined plans to launch its Project xCloud tech into the Xbox Game Pass beta app ahead of launch, with availability from August 11 in all launch regions.

Nice, I had this doubt. Would my country be supported for the beta tomorrow? And the answer is yes. If your country is one of the lucky ones where xCloud will launch, then you are eligible for the beta tomorrow as well!

No, just a stand for my tablet.

Played quite a bit of Neon Abyss with xcloud. Would lag a bit now and then but worked great 90% of the time.

So exciting to see this come to more people, I’ve loved using it in the insider program.