Microsoft now owns idTech games engine

In addition to the games titles, Microsoft will now also own the id Tech games engine, developed by Bethesda’s sister firm id Software.

Doom Eternal, which was released this year and received praise for the quality of its graphics, was built using the most recent version of id Tech.

Piers Harding-Rolls, research director from Ampere Analysis, described the deal as “a major coup”.

“Microsoft has often been criticised for its lack of heavy-hitting first-party games franchises when compared to Sony and Nintendo. This deal catapults Microsoft’s games portfolio into a much stronger position,” he told the BBC.

idTech engine + 12TF RDNA 2 GPU + VRS + DRX + Mesh Shaders + Xbox Velocity Architecture. Sounds tasty!



Well… they need to get Billy Khan on board with the IO stuff.That guy is really critical of low memory (not only referencing his Series S tweets, but also his 3080 card tweets).

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He will do his job, no matter his personal opinions.

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Throw Infinite on that fucker lol

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I’m a grown, middle aged male that strives for analytical parity in my reactions at home and work.

And all I hear in my brain about this is “teee-heeee-heeee! Wheeeee!” :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:


Same here! :grinning: :+1:

I admit, I’d had the same thought. I’m not sure in hindsight that creating a new engine while pushing out an major exclusive console title was a good idea by 343.

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I had coffee right before seeing the news. Have been shaking ever since. >.>

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I actually got goosebumps when I read the tweet on a thread here. Then I went to Xbox Wire to verify and almost poked my eye out trying to put on my monitor/reading glasses.

I could care less about the exclusivity portion of this deal. Just imagining what @TheRayTracer listed is a recipe for [expletive] awesome! The potential of full use of XVA and the Series X is amazing. And I hope they start by practicing with X/S enhancements on the urrent and last gen BGS titles!


I had lunch while browsing the net and there was nothing about this. Not even a whiff.

4 hours later, I check my phone to check out what’s happening in the world and… :dizzy_face:

MS did a great job of keeping this quiet. Until pre-pre-order day for the new consoles. A megaton nuke, with excellent pre-order deployment.


My only selfish complaint. [Presumably] more people going for the pre-orders.

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I was working when the announced this. I had seen on twitter at lunch time talk of an Xbox announcement today about Pre orders, speculation that they might lower the price a little again. Thought an hour later after work I’d just check the news and saw the actual news and had to double take. It was a surreal moment. I then had a meeting straight after and couldn’t concentrate.

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Smart money says Id is going to help 343 with Infinite

I’m working from home and today, my work day ended when I saw the news.

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Same from home. It ended straight after my meeting finished too!

Shhh. Me too. :relaxed:

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Can’t blame them really. Elsewhere I’m seeing new fans of Game Pass and purchasers of Series S|X who in their own words, had no intention of buying an Xbox before today.

I won’t tell your boss if you don’t tell mine! :grinning:

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Deals going on all over the place today! :rofl: