Microsoft now owns idTech games engine

This is the most underrated part of the deal. This will make MS less dependent on Epic.


They have the option of creating a middleware game engine with this… perhaps?

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Tbh it could also mean death of Vulkan support inside Idtech in favor of DX12, which is not something to celebrate,

open standards > proprietary any day.

MS has been trying to sell Game Stack which is a lot of tools that help you make games but it doesn’t have an engine to package with Game Stack. Now with the Rage engine I wonder if they will package that with Game Stack?

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Microsoft’s Game Stack and technology sharing between studios just became much more powerful. All on powerful console hardware with fast I/O and hardware ML. The potential to push tech between all these teams is pretty incredible.



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Having an in-house game engine that could be developed hand-in-hand with future hardware revisions could result in some ridiculous optimisation / performance benefits. Look at what Apple can do with iOS and their A-series chips.

It’s one of the best-looking engines around and they managed to scale it to make it run on Switch, even. Sounds like a great engine to have lying around for sure.

Interesting, Doom Eternal looked incredible on xbox one x, very curious what idTech can do on series x

I hope some of the non-Bethesda teams look into using it. MS also benefits from not paying royalties to Epic for Unreal.

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Yep, it’s an engineering marvel.