Microsoft Flight Simulator lands July 27 on Xbox Series X|S; free Top Gun: Maverick expansion coming November 19

I hope they are using Dx12 now.

They are, I believe the PC version will be upgraded to DX12 as well along with the console version.

Interested to try this one on the Series X. One of my more anticipated games this year

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1080p on XSX you mean or S?

The S. Resolution is not the only thing that can change and because this game is all about scope, I imagine one would prefer a higher resolution.

Ah got ya. I thought you meant XSX. It’s a bummer it’s not 60fps but for a game like this…it’s not a huge deal at the end of the day,you indeed want the pretty visuals here.

The games has a confirmed 60fps mode. Cross gen game with like 4 different skus plus pc plus steam launch, come on guys. If we doubt Playground we are done.

Huh,I meant Flight Sim :slight_smile:

Ah, sorry, I thought you was speaking about Forza.

We are in the Flight Sim thread after all :wink:

But as for FH5, I cannot imagine the performance mode only being 1080p, because like you said this is PG. I’d be fine with dynamic 4K, absolutely.

You’re right, I clicked on the wrong like and I got here from Community thread where I answered a similar concern about Forza and I got confused.

Anyway it’s expected imo, this game is a beast, without DirectML and/or FidelityX advanced features 60fps are impossible on console.

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I really thought this was going to be a Game Pass shadow drop with the retail listing that leaked leading up to the showcase but we’re only waiting until next month. I can’t wait to see this game running on the XSX and my LG OLED.

Going to be the perfect chill game for listening to podcasts.

I was taking a look at the Deluxe and Premium Deluxe editions… it seems that the only difference is a few extra airplanes and 5 new airports, right? It doesn’t seem to be worth the extra price

Plus I think you can buy this in-game as MTX.

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If you haven’t played it on pc yet I’d recommend holding off any any deluxe editions. Personally,I don’t think it’s worth it.

As for the game I’m very excited. If it can hold a locked 30 I will be amazed. And yes for this game 30 is more than enough. I was hitting 20s at certain parts on my 2080ti @1440p. Which was still fine. I’m just pissed my flight stick won’t work on the x so I’ll have to get the cheap thrustmaster.

Wondering how it’ll work with controls though. I use m/kb for a lot of things along with my flight stick. If it works like it does on pc I’ll be as happy as a pig in shit.

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They confirmed that it will also support mouse/keyboard on Xbox too if someone wants to try that too.

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Going to be interesting to see how they’ve adapted this for those of us just running a standard Xbox controller.

Also wondering just what the install size will be, with streaming assets and the like.

Regardless, really looking forward to pootling around my little town, then letting my kid tour the world.

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Imagine these kind of graphics in a flight combat game. Holy shit.

$350 for this PC and Series console compatible flight controller.

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When I try to open the game on the Series X :sweat_smile: “Press ESC to exit”


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