Microsoft Financial Earnings Report Q2 2024

Microsoft earning is almost here. I expect many here ready to say “I expect more” so we can’t be like “Wow.” They have to make zillion of dollars. If it exceed their own expectation, then mission complete.


Ngl those results are far more impressive than I expected. I thought they growth would be in the low end and a more console revenue dcrease.

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I’m guessing those numbers are because of the addition of ABK’s revenue?




Yea, it’s why the gaming revenue/content numbers are so high


More than 2 Bethesda.

So impressive that the resetera thread is basically dead :joy:


Yeah, thats why I like MS earning reports, because they kill any kind of bad narratives trolls made up (more like try to will into existence) in their minds. But this quarter has been the best one to sent concern trolls to the toilet.

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Operating income: 27 billion dollars

Satya: lets fire more people!

Impressive financials overall (again) but i just cant with these layoffs, smh.

I mean Satya just proudly announced how LinkedIn helps millions of people finding a new job. This is just so fucked up.


I sense cloud getting more focus.


With all those discounts applied to Series X, I think Microsoft expected much higher sales. Marketing in America has increased, but in Europe it is still completely absent.


I don’t think there’s much saving the console this gen, even if they release endless banger exclusives I think the narrative has been set, PS5 is the default and Switch is the Switch, sells like crack

They will likely continue to do ok in UK/US as always but I think even endless marketing in EU wouldn’t change much, a lot of them over there just don’t care about Xbox, they never have, even in the 360 era where it absolutely decimated the ps3 in the US, PS beat 360 handily in EU

In hindsight 2022 was really disastrous, a complete momentum killer

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7.1B puts them in the same ballpark as Tencent (8-9B) - pretty impressive.

I didn’t think they would catch up with simply ABK, I expected another small-medium publisher on top.

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Ok I spoke too quickly xd

Lots of questions about AI, infrastructure and Azure. Not a single question to Amy Hood or Satya Nadella about the ATVI aquisition or gaming in general.



Its really really really weird. Gaming is now the third highest revenue generator of the company with the potential of becoming the second one with a good sinergy with cloud and AI (lets not forget the 82B they just invested on it too) aaaaaaaaaand…still no one there seems to care?


a bit weird but not much imo. never heard a question about the aquisition process or gaming the last two years so nothing changed. but i thought this time someone was asking about the integration cost or some thing, Microsoft even had a extra slide in their presentation about that.

Instead they are asking about the CoPilot business. Which has a litte more than 1 million paying customers now on GitHub. Small fish but big growth. And growth vectors are the only thing these analysts in the webcast care about.

Apparently this $7.1B figure excludes an estimated $255 million from eSports too.

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