Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread |OT2| The NeverEnding Acquisition


WTF??? Stalker alert!!! Stalker alert!!! lol

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Dodgy ?

Idk how any professional regulators are not absolutely disgusted by how the FTC is run, let alone feel compelled to follow their lead.


Other regulators don’t assist to follow the FTC lead at all, they seem to follow the EC.

So hours after finding out the EU is willing to listen to Microsoft’s remedies (and they’re known for approvals with remedies), the FTC disgustingly rushed to block it in an attempt to persuade other regulators to follow suit.


This explains many things now:

  • The EU immediately (and publicly) correcting the FTC’s lie that Microsoft lied to them about Bethesda exclusivity (talk about a backfire…)

  • The FTC having no real argument or facts for their case except the aforementioned lie which the EU immediately debunked

  • Microsoft being caught off-guard with how fast the FTC moved to block, and without even talking to or hearing out Microsoft at all

I know many, including former FTC commissioners of all people, have been mocking and lambasting the current FTC and especially Lina Khan for their embarrassing behavior, politically fuelled agenda and constant waste of taxpayer dollars, but just…wow. To see it playing out in front of our eyes in real time is something else.


It may be not indication of anything but I find it interesting that other regulators, instead of going for the easy way the FTC paved for them to block the deal, are taking their time in their investigation. For example: we all can agree that NZ is just waiting for what others say and going along (lol) but if they wanted to block it, the FTC already gave them an easy way to do it why dont follow?

Same with the CMA. Why take more time if it is (supossedly) 100% guarantee now that they will to block the deal. Why just don’t follow the FTC lead in the timeframe you initially put?

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It would also explain why (according to reports) MS strategy of fast-tracking the deal failed with the EC.

This means it gone to pass with remedies. OK i can sleep good now lol.

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It would appear that the FTC just isn’t an influential or respected regulatory body with the way they’ve been operating.


We been know this since day 1 though. They not acting in good faith. It political driven agenda. That a bad look which ever political way you stand.

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Small countries are never ever going to block an acquisition by themselves unless the acquisition really really f*cks the industry up. European Commission or FTC might block a merger babsed on doomsday slippery slope scenarios, small countries can’t afford to be spiteful or perceived as difficult for international business. As the video game industry will remain a highly fragmented, competitive industry even if MS does acquire ABK, they have zero incentive to play tough. At most, they can pretend to be dilligent, which is what they are doing.


Jeez this has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. I really hope these regulators do their job and make the right decision. Rather than being pressured by the market leader and a agenda drives FTC.


Idas said this, remember that forum going crazy over the things Jez tweeted to Lina but he was correct about her… feels like some people at the FTC maybe shouldn’t have a job after this but the CMA can still bail them out…


I understand that folks like to pile on the CMA. However I believe it’s undeserved.

No matter what the outcome CMA gives, we can trust that it will be:

  1. Not pretextual. They didn’t go into phase two with a conclusion in mind.
  2. Well researched. Expect their provisional findings and final statement to be novels.
  3. Decision to be nuanced. Meaning that if they have a problem with the deal they’ll address that problem specifically. i.e. divesture of COD.
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The CMA had some very questionable tweets. Why are you defending those hacks?


Also the man that used to work at the EU… “Protecting my PlayStation”