Metroid: Dread announced for Nintendo Switch (coming October 8)


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Probably the highlight of the show.

I just want metroid prime trilogy on the switch

Says a lot about the show tbh

I would have preferred Prime 4 but I love Metroid games so I’ll be getting it for Switch for sure. Probably the first game I’ll actually play as well lol since Mario 3D All-Stars.

Were hopefully getting Prime 4 as well.

This looks good but it has a lot to live up to and Mercury Steam have been hit or miss. Samus Returns was a good game but nothing mind blowing.

With so many high quality Metroidvania games in the past decade a genuine 2D Metroid has to really be a cut above. Not sure it will but its nice to see Nintendo making a fully fledged 2D Metroid and not another crappy Yoshi or Kirby game or something like that.

Yeah, the confirmed that Prime 4 is still on the way. I bought the Switch for my daughter, honestly every time I game on the thing I end up being disappointed, don’t know why as I still enjoy my older Nintendo games, Switch itself I’m not really into. Even my 7 year old only uses it for Minecraft and she much prefers playing that on Pc or Xbox!

As for Dread, something about the movement throws me off from that treehouse stream. Really hope we get a demo so I can try it out first.

I watched the extended gameplay demo. It looks like they lightly polished a 3DS game.

MS really need to acquire Nordisk. Mercury Steam are an amazing dev

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Actually quite excited for this as I love Metroid but god damn Nintendo where is that Metroid Prime Trilogy haha

Only if they get rid of Enric Álvarez (CEO of Mercury Steam and famous asshole in Spain).

interesting, is he notorious for something?

Are they? They’ve been hit or miss for a while. Samus Returns was good as was Lords of Shadow but Mirrors of Fate, LoS2 Jericho weren’t particularly great.

CGI snippets aside, it was a weird choice to show that first side scolling section that looked pretty bright and vibrant, than instantly prove it was bullshit when they showed the actual real gameplay after the title card. Which looked like a significant dowgrade

He’s not famous at a general level but he is famous amongst the gaming community in Spain because of the stuff he has said and done. There are forums in Spain like Meristation and ForoCoches were developers have come out to say how much of a toxic asshole he is in the workplace. He’s also a Catalan nationalist while being son of Andalusians and says a lot of factually wrong political shit on Twitter so he’s not very popular.

Metroid Dread and the BotW2 trailer saved an otherwise shitty direct…really disappointing showing from Nintendo. :frowning:

About Dread I will definitely play the game but I can’t say that I am excited about it, I don’t like the art direction and the game screams low budget when it could (and should) have been so much more…when numerous indie games (and I am even not talking about top tier stuff like Ori 1/2 & Hollow Knight) look on par on even better than a fuckin’ Metroid game you know that something is not right. Hopefully it will be a great game but I don’t expect much to be honest.

The problem dread has is its another 2d metroidvania among many other metroidvanias.

And the biggest issue is uts 60 bucks.

This game has to be a masterpiece or at the level of the top tier games like hollow knight and ori 2 and a few others.

It can’t get away with being just a decent game. Not at that price.

If this game wasn’t called metroid people would have absolutely blasted the 60 dollar price tag. But because it’s nintendo and metroid it’s OK.

I’ll still play it but honestly I’ll probably sell it after a week.

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I don’t have a problem with a 2D game being 60 euros, Tropical Freeze is one of my favorite games ever and I am sure not regretting buying that game at full price.

A new 2D Metroid game should have been a “we will show you how it’s done” thing and not this admittedly low budget outsourced effort (like is it really that hard to build a 1st party studio for this?), what disappoints me the most is that Switch prints money and Nintendo can’t give us a big budget Metroid game…like really? this is the game where they were conservative in terms of budget of all things? I am super grumpy because of this and maybe I am too hyperbolic but I can’t be excited from what we already saw. It looks decent and that’s it.

I’m all over this … looks great!

I loved loved loved Metroid Fusion back then. It was so good. So yeah, it’s tempting. I hope it runs great on Switch Lite.