Metro Exodus PC enhanced : RT P***

This is completely insane use of RT lighting.

It even makes difference when compared to 2019 version of RT.

VRS x4

DLSS 2.1

Baked Lighting Tricks removed

Each Light in the game adds to Global Illumination

Infinte bounce RTGI

Each Candle makes shadows now

Eyes look great now

In 3 years - This game is 3 gen apart

God send for lighting devs

With baked lights

Without baked lights

Saves a ton of time for devs. It’s a hidden advantage of RT which may result in reduced development time overall.

GPU wise - Performance is better from 2019 version

CPU wise - Performance takes a hit from 2019 version

VRS tier 1

Why the Nvidia GPUs are the best ?

DLSS 2.1 offcourse


4A were not kidding when they said they were going to go all in on RT for their future games.


very impressive. never doubt 4A!

Looks incredible, but DLSS being so much better than their reconstruction tech does not bode that well for consoles :frowning:

DirectML super resolution needs to come out asap so we can have games with all RT effects, 60fps and a good IQ on xbox

This is excellent. Alex does a great job explaining things and this video has helped me understand the kind of next gen visual leaps we can expect. Its crazy that a updated last gen game is the most “next gen” game Ive seen, and why its the best looking “next gen” game that can be identified and explained.

Its why I find all the comments about rachet and clank or returnal being “the first next gen visual moment” funny and pretty ignorant.

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No one should be surprised because Nvidia has been investing tons of R&D into DLSS, much more than studios can invest.

We know Microsoft has been investing into DirectML but we still yet to see what it entails exactly.

Yep, not surprised that the DLSS is better, but a shame if Ms doesn’t get it out soon, because a similar feature would do wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Nvidias tech is on another level. However the TAA upscaled still looks decent. I think the xsx/ps5 versions with be about 1512p with TAAupsample, I really hope the consoles can have RT high preset, but judging by the rx6800s performance theres a good chance they will have the normal RT preset :unamused:

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I wonder how MS/AMDs directML upscaling compares to TAAupsacle.

Yep and apparently, they won’t get RT reflections either.

While with a DLSS like solution they would be likely to get the high RT preset, the full range of RT implementation, a better IQ and steadier framerate.

Golly, who knew devs would start using full RT in their game engines more and more through the coming gen? >.>



so good, 4A is a great studio

the 40M Embracer paid to acquire them was a pittance

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According to leaks (even Alex on DF hinted so on b3d) AMD fidelity FX will be closer to other reconstruction tech (more aimed at a 2x res multiplier, otherwise it gets really messy), while DirectML is indeed like DLSS (4x upscaling with close to native results)


Full ray tracing that’s decently performant on AMD’s cards. Nice! Only disappointment is VRS tier 1. Tier 2 is such a step up.

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Forgive my ignorance but how much better is tier 2 VRS?

VRS tier1 in this game saves about 1-2fps, does vrsT2 save about 4-5fps?

It’s a lot more granular from what I understand, while tier 1 is a lot more limited. According to The Coalition it saves on average around 15% of your frame rate.



I’ve seen literally zero people talking about Returnal having next-gen visuals, cuz it doesn’t, if someone was, they’re clearly fanboys who shouldn’t even be paid attention to. And that’s not saying anything regarding the game’s visuals which look great, but nothing next-gen about it, and that’s fine, the game is more about gameplay than its visuals and Housemarque isn’t Insomniac.

But yes, Ratchet looks like it’s gonna be the best looking game on either console (alongside Flight Sim) at its release and that’s not a controversial take at all.

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I dont know, i think theres definitely an argument that says the console version of metro enhanced looks the best. I guess its about preference.

Idk, have we we even seen the console version of Metro Exodus enhanced yet?

The DF video was all about the PC version and it’s guaranteed the console versions shall not look as good as it tbh especially with supersampling still not on consoles.

Even so, I’d say it definitely has incredible lighting tech, and the RTGI implementation is industry-leading and from that perspective, it’s hard to argue anything else that’s doing that aspect better.

But I was also considering other factors like world and character detail, geometry density, animations, FX and particles, NPC density, etc in which case I feel from what we’ve seen currently releasing, R&C really looks like it’s gonna look like the best looking game on console from a sheer fidelity and art direction standpoint, both being important in this case. All that says nothing about the kind of game it shall be, and how it shall be designed to make it look as good as possible, any number of tricks could be employed but I give Insomniac that room to do it if it works for the game in the end without hindering it in any significant ways.

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Yes, thats why I say its a preference, which do people prefer? A state of the art RT based real time lighting with multiple bounces or the more Geometry of rift apart. I guess definitive statements on the matter are impossible.