Metro Exodus PC enhanced : RT P***

I love it, looks just insane and shows where the technology should head to. As a console only player I probably have to wait another 5-10 years until seeing something similar. But really impressive stuff

I wouldn’t be so certain about that, at least for the Series X. According the Alex’s fundings the AMD cards can run the game just fine, but a step down compared to the Nivdia side. If I was to guess, I think the Series X will run close to the settings Alex recommended for the RX 6700-6800.

Seing how Alex recommends normal RT settings for the 6700xt + 6800, i think consoles will use normal RT aswell. The next gen consoles are roughly the same performance as a 6700xt.

It will be interesting to see how the series S will faire im guessing 900p native TAAupscaled to 1080p and RT should be normal too considering the RT scales with the resolution, so it will be in the 480p range for the RT.

But who knows, sometimes devs make console specific settings and optimisations in order to squeeze out every bit of performance.

Yeah, the PS5 and Series X seem quite obvious to me where they will land going off Alex’s video. The wild card is the Series S and what 4A games will do to get it up and running. I do think we might see a custom RT setting for it not seen on the PC.

I would also mention that if it is running sub 1080p, I would think about not up scaling it due to TAA up scaling usually not playing nice with lower resolutions.

It would be good if they could get DRS working for console.

Was the resolution fixed on last generation consoles then? Yeah, 4A might want to look into that since it is a common technique now.

I am shocked :ok_hand:

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First footage from Xbox Series X|S version. 4K 60FPS RT (4K texture pack + full RT features) and reduced loading time.

Coming June 18th.

Edit : And FOV slider. :eyes: At rock solid 60 FPS…hmmmmm. Series S 1080p 60FPS with all enhancements.

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Tech Dive into the PC enhanced edition straight from 4A