Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection was announced today for a 2023 release.

Its coming to all platforms minus xbox.

Hiwever im still super excited as these games were a big part of my childhood.

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……. I’ll go cry in the corner now

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Same. It would have been great to play on xcloud… or even better if this would have been a play anywhere title.

Guess ill pick it up on the switch. Unless there is a suprise xbox announcement down the line

Sounds like Xbox needs to drop a bag for some CAPCOM ports.

Ace Attorney, Mega Man Battle Network, anything else?

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Just these two games.

For now

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they aren’t paying for those ports.

looks at Persona 3/4/5

looks at AI: The Somnium Files

looks at Danganronpa 1/2

looks at Yakuza franchise

looks at Kingdom Hearts franchise

looks at DQXI and DQ Builders 2

looks at Octopath Traveler

looks at Zero Escape 999 and VLR

I mean…… is it really out of the question here?


a collection of megaman network roms is not on the same level as any of those games.

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I would argue Battle Network is way bigger than Zero Escape. Lol

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All games except Kingdom Hearts launched Day 1 on Game Pass.


MS is not writing a check for a collection of roms… I never said what franchise was “bigger”

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well one reason I hate exclusives. Not all game will come to every platform. Nintendo Switch does not cost a lot might get one someday to play some of these games. Till then I have to many games I need to get to anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

The point still stands. I think these Roms would be bigger on Xbox than the Zero Escape games if given the same treatment (day one on Game Pass).

You’re ight. They are better and more worthwhile

My guess capcom would want way to much compared to zero escape port. Goals for the publishers are different

Maybe to your own personal taste.

To me I’d take Yakuza, Persona, AI, and Danganronpa over most franchises.:sweat_smile:

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ok? it’s not a judgement call on the quality of the games. take it up with capcom, MS simply is not going to make a gamepass deal for any and everything especially when Capcom is perfectly capable of porting the games.

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Perfectly fair. I just wanted to throw in a quip though. Lol. This is all down to personal taste and no ones taste is better than anothers.

Its just odd to me that this is the port (outside of ace which is super niche) is the only megaman collection not coming to xbox currently

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Weird we’re not getting this when Capcom put all their other Megaman stuff on Xbox. Oh well.