Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced & a New Mass Effect in Development

IT’S HAPPENING :tada::tada::tada::sob:

All 3 games + DLC

Upgraded textures, shaders, models, & more.


EDIT: For those wondering, it is releasing on Xbox One, PS4, & PC and will have upgrades on the Series line & PS5.


Disappointment for me, from my favorite series ever.

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Would love to see some footage before O get excited.

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I’m hyped. It’s something at least. Wonder what the improvements will look like.

Buying this will be cheaper than buying the DLCs I’ve been procrastinating on. I’m happy about that for sure.

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Yeaaaaaaaah baby!!! Bring it on!

Mass Effect is back! All 3 with everything yes!

Now for the next one don’t mess it up. This franchise is incredible. Too much good moments with the trilogy.

I am so happy.

Hope the next one will be worth of the legacy!


I’ll probably get the trilogy.

A new games sounds cool but after Andromeda and Anthem I can’t get excited. Let’s first get Dragon Age.


This was me after I saw the announcement



Being the achievements whore I am, I just wish they separate the achievements list per game instead of combining everything in a single list like Ubisoft did with the Ezio Collection :stuck_out_tongue:


A new Mass Effect in the works is shocking !

I really liked Andromeda despite everyone says, but I guess they have some other plans to revive the franchise.


What are you disappointed in? Were you hoping for a full remaster rather than upgrading the textures? Or are you disappointed they aren’t releasing the X|S enhancements right away?

I really enjoyed this franchise, but I can’t get excited yet. I need to see more in game. Capcom “uprez’d” re-releases come to mind and throw a wet blanket on my mental party.

YESSS!!! Finally

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Hell yeah!



Could people write their stories/memories of these games? They seem really loved.

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Hopefully they improve the playability of the first game. It was fine in 2007, but it feels like a clunky mess now.

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I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite news of the day !


Sure. I first played these games in 2014 (I waited until the trilogy was finished so I could play them all at once) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is my favorite game of all time so I thought, hey, Bioware made this, so maybe I’ll really like it.

After purchasing all 3, I spent a week straight playing all 3 of them. In that single week, I experienced the most engrossing (IMO) videogame story ever. To me, I didn’t play 3 games, I played one single… Experience. I was shocked by how… Human the characters felt. Each had their own personalities, traits, & quirks. I was caught off guard by the relationships you could form (both platonic & romantic) that grew across all 3 games. At the time I thought that would be the future of storytelling in games, but that has not been the case. That, to me, makes these games the most unique experience out there.

Also, the ending(s) never bothered me. It was about the adventure & not the destination.

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I liked it too. It’s not on the level of this trilogy, but there’s nothing comparable on the market.


I played first one all the way though recently and loved it. Couldn’t get into the second one though.

You do make a good point. Not many games have continuity(for lack of better word) any more. Also, do you remember in the day when you got a new game, and if it detected save data for a previous title, it would give you bonus items/etc?

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Yeah, the first time I experienced that was Super Street Fighter 4. If you had Street Fighter 4 save data, you would unlock 2 special palettes for all characters.