Marvel's Spider-Man PS5 Ray Tracing Analysis - The Challenge of RT in First-Gen Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5 Ray Tracing Analysis - The Challenge of RT in First-Gen Games

I don’t expect any next gen title to get to 60fps with ray tracing no matter which console. It’s just expensive tech. So I am not surprised at all.

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Oops. It’s the remaster. Was hoping it was Miles Morales.

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Neither, Ray tracing is just very expensive. I’ve speculated for a while that the 60fps mode would have RT disabled.


There have been a few announced for SX, though we didn’t see them on actual hardware yet.

But imo, the worst part is the amount of compromises RT is having on a PS5. Not even on a 2060 you have to take so much shortcuts (and for games with multiple RT effects not just resolution).

I hope this is a ps5 only thing, and not the overall performance of the consoles (and in turn rdna2), because otherwise it’s going to be a rough generation.

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My post was flagged as offensive really??

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Just watched the video. Holy shit…definitely hoping for 1080P, 60FPS and Ray Tracing over 4K, 30FPS and Ray Tracing if possible of course. Saying Ray Tracing is resource heavy is definitely an understatement.

it does look good and all, and I don’t expect any of these systems do RT at 60 fps honestly. But most important, imo, is that VRR and ML were a no show which really indicates that indeed the Ps5 is one step behind SX arch and the only chance of the differences not being staggering this gen is the in case of devs messing up with SX ports.

Or 1440P will be the sweet spot. Higher quality RT with reduced resolution.

But RT will be challenging on PS5 as it has less CUs. The more compute power on XSX will definitely help with Raytracing.

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John Linneman is hinting on twitter that the PS5 out performs the Xbox Series X in terms of ray tracing…which would be weird. But might also be why we don’t have any confirmed ray tracing games at launch beyond watch dogs legion which has had its ray tracing badge removed on the Xbox store.

What, the Spiderman DLC turned standalone game and the remaster aren’t exactly what Sony said they would be and they look like kinda half-baked - much like their “we believe in generations” statement given months ago?

What a surprise. Shocking.

Lool. Where did he say it clearly?

Spider Man Remastered Ray Tracing wasn’t that impressive to me. I like John but he’s clearly a PlayStation guy. It will be funny if he says PS5 RT is better but everyone else says it’s not when the time comes.

It’s almost as if all these PlayStation fans can’t accept the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the Xbox Series X is the better overall console.


We know it’s more powerful but there has been talk of GDK issues and I do think you’ve got to question the lack of any gameplay and also the seeming disappearing confirmations of ray tracing at launch. Will it be a bit worse for the first year whilst devs get their head around the GDK?

That’s not what’s hinted.

It took it as they both may perform RTing poorly. But, I honestly don’t think the PS5 will outperform the X in the graphically department.

The leaked gdk documentation from June did say rt performance wasn’t final and would be a post launch thing to get there. But we don’t know the overall gdk state compared to XDK on SX, or if XDK is even still a thing.

Does GDK stand for Game Development Kit and it’s what Jez said was changed recently for the next generation right? If so, that would make sense.

Doesn’t mean what you imply

Yes and I believe it means you can develop for SX/S and last gen and even PC together. But there has been talk from Digital Foundry that some devs have issues with it and also hints that it isn’t unlocking RT performance. Which could me PS5 has RT at launch and Xbox doesn’t.