Marvel's Spider-Man PS5 Ray Tracing Analysis - The Challenge of RT in First-Gen Games

The way he responds, indicates that he knows more about the PS5 then what is publicly known.

The only reason PS5 may perform better then series X will that PS5 has completely separate RT cores or maybe better denosing technique.

That would make sense if developments have to adjust and get used to it all but once they do, they should be fine for the entire duration of the generation.

I think it’s more that Xbox launched the tool late and it needs them to do more work to refine it. Seems Sony ahead here. Which may mean multiplats perform better on PS5 at launch…

We’ll see…

Basically in some ways a repeat of Xbox One at the start? Nah. I just don’t see that happening at all. Certainly not with raytracing. I thought it was pretty clear, I think even DF said it that XSX will do the better raytracing.

I mean I guess it is possible since devs have to adjust to what XSX offers, but I doubt it’s gonna take a long time.

No. We know the Series X is more powerful. But there is also talk that their dev tools are behind Sony’s perhaps even possible you won’t be able to have ray tracing in games at launch on series X. Might be why DMC RT is a post patch launch so was Halos. The medium has RT but no release date and WD RT icon isn’t visible anywhere on the Xbox pages even though the devs said it would be there over the summer.

Interesting to see what happens but some signs are there. Not going to be a good look if PS5 shows off shiny RT and Xbox has to wait 6 months…

WDL is Strange then because we even had Phil during the Ubi stream mention Raytracing for the game. Would be odd for him to mention that when it’s not 100% crystal clear and certain for them that it will be in there.

Really odd. But yeah, we’ll see.

But did it really used to say raytracing on the site? I never checked that.

He probably know as much as anybody else on gaming media - which is almost nothing.

If by “better” he means a “smokes and mirrors” raytracing is ready as opposed to a raytracing on an improved hardware and software (which is based on DX12U, so, yeah, John, give me a break) that has yet to be correctly implemented on games because developers need to learn how to make it work, then I * may * believe it.

No way I will believe that raytracing illusion on Spiderman is the real raytracing - much like 4K was never true 4K on PS4 Pro (and it doesn’t even seem to be in PS5).

The hardware is more than capable. We’ve seen Minecraft with raytracing running on a real XSX * months ago * while Austin Evans played it. Don’t you forget that.

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Raytracing logo is still very much there :slight_smile:

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It’s probably just me, but I don’t find the character models impressive. Other than that, I can’t fault the environment quality.

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It’s weird because it’s not in the app. Or on the actual console store listing. Really hope it’s there or we will never hear the end of it from the usual suspects.

The SS WD footage had seemingly RT reflections on the puddles. And none of this odd stuff we are seeing on ps5 games like objects being lower quality in the reflection or outright missing some.


Oh snap. I forgot that we actually had WDL footage from Series S huh. And ACV too.

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ACV has no RT though. I also think it’s not clear that WDL has RT in the WDL gameplay on series S…happy if someone who can say definitively could confirm.

Yep, I know about ACV. The game is 60fps after all, expecting raytracing on top of that would be madness, haha.

I don’t know why people are suddenly worried about raytracing on Xbox Series vs PS5 because of what John has supposedly “implied”.

If the new Xbox hardware or software had any problems or was unable of doing anything that they said it would do, Microsoft wouldn’t have sent loads of Series X to gaming media and Youtube influencers - they have even sent one to YongYea, which is a one of the most popular Sony enthusiasts on Youtube - meanwhile, Sony sent him zero PS5s. They wouldn’t have shown a real XSX running a raytracing game while a Youtuber was playing it for real months ago.


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They’ve send them units but they are only looking at old games via BC currently. Not sure that argument holds. Sony have shown their console running lots of gameplay and plenty with Ray tracing. Xbox have thus far shown none or very very little.

Sony has itself shown as much next-gen games (some are actually * cross-gen *, as we now know, and the majority of the * supposedly * next-gen only won’t even be ready for the console release) as Microsoft has shown itself.

Sony has shown no real console to western gaming media or western influencers. Sony has given them no PS5 consoles running any games * at all *. Not even backward compatible ones.

Not sure that your argument holds.


Let’s keep this on topic and not delve into system wars.

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Great video by Alex explaining the balancing act development of a game goes through. RT is has a hit on performance. I am curious how Xbox will handle the performance hit and what decision developers made there in their games.