Marvel's Blade - Announcement Trailer


May be asking too much, but I hope Dishonored 3 is real as well.

Not specifying Xbox is weird. Given it just started development, maybe next gen?

I believe so, I think we just got the drop on our first next gen Xbox game!

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I wouldn’t worry about exclusivity, Indiana Jones hasn’t announced its platforms too( only found out because of FTC case). It’s most likely end of this gen to next gen. Also, the FTC is still being a pest rn, so it’s best not to give them more ammo at least until the ruling of their appeal comes out.

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Basically, forget this game exist until (maybe) 2026-2027 when the will show gameplay.


While im excited to see Arkane announce Blade, if it’s really next generation, I didn’t need to know about it. They could have waited a few years. If it’s not by late 2027, I would just hold it for next gen Xbox exclusive. No cross-gen.


I see some are in full denial of this being a Xbox/PC exclusive on Twitter and other sites. :rofl:

For those who do not remember, Indiana Jones didn’t announce any platforms either, and we now know due to the leak that it’s going to be an exclusive. For context, Microsoft announced their intent on acquiring Zenimax in September. In January, they released the teaser, two months before the deal officially closed.


Exclusivity PR bungle aside, this is so cool. Slick trailer and just so exciting.

I think it’s worthwhile to announce because it will satisfy the folks that have been asking for licensed IP, Marvel, third person, etc. Especially with Spiderman recently released and Wolverine upcoming. At least Xbox owners know they’ll have something to point to.


It’s the same with Indiana Jones. I think the really early announce is something that comes with those licenced IP games because I’ve noticed it, maybe Disney requires them to announce it asap or something

Schrodinger’s exclusive

(Nah, it’s exclusive. Surprised pikachu etc etc)


True. It’s just that with it being so far out, I didn’t need to know about it especially when Microsoft has 20+ games already announced or some shit like that? I understood in July 2020 announcing Fable, SOD 3, etc. because they had to show people that they had games in development but 3 1/2 years later post Bethesda and post ABK acquisitions, I don’t think they needed to announce Blade.

Also, if it ends up being a next generation title, it would have been an even bigger announcement in June 2028 and it being a launch title a few months later or 2029. 5+ years out, not so much.

True but Indiana Jones was announced in January 2021 and im pretty sure Machine Games was already at least a year or two in development on it because Wolfenstein 2 was October 2017 and Youngblood had Arkane as the lead studio.

Excited to have an Arkane single player licensed game and third person too!!! But on the other side, I know it’s very far away. lol

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Third person super hero game. There. Those worried about this can finally move on.


Not sure, iirc when they announced Indy it was said that development has just recently started at the time.

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But we both know that’s not how that’ll work out. :crying_cat_face:


FWIW, I REALLY don’t think this is a next gen game but I guess we’ll see how things play out.

I like this announcement and I also wouldn’t mind if they announced something like Banjo pretty far I’m advance. Pros and cons I suppose.


You are right…it is a cross-gen game duh.

Kinda weird that the trailer is not on the Xbox YouTube channel.

But I’m looking for the song. Sounds fire.

Edit: trailer is on Xboxeras YouTube channel. Still not on the official Xbox channel lmao.

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I would have preferred Dishonored 3, but I’m curious to see where this goes. The art style is great.