Marvel’s Avengers Coming to Game Pass Sept 30 [XB1•Series X|S•PC•Cloud]

by Hunter Wolfe, Community Coordinator, Crystal Dynamics

We just launched our biggest expansion to date for Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther: War for Wakanda . We’ve loved seeing your reactions to the new campaign, and today we’re excited to announce that we’re making the complete Marvel’s Avengers experience, including all previously released free content, available with Xbox Game Pass for PC, Console, and Cloud on September 30.

Yep – you read that right. Every player with an Xbox Game Pass membership can experience the full game and all our post-launch Heroes and missions. This includes four story campaigns that showcase one or more Hero’s unique abilities, as well as our Avengers Initiative – our evolving online multiplayer world that lets you and three friends play as any Hero in our roster and embark on global adventures.

Xbox Game Pass members will also have immediate access to our new War for Wakanda expansion, featuring our new playable Hero, Black Panther, and hours of new multiplayer and story content. In War for Wakanda , King T’Challa faces his greatest challenge yet when Ulysses Klaue infiltrates Wakanda to steal its precious Vibranium. T’Challa won’t be able to defeat his enemy alone; he’ll need to team up with the Avengers and confront his distrust of outsiders if he hopes to protect his kingdom.

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I haven’t played yet, but I’ll be playing it on SX for sure.


Includes all year 1 content as well, amazing.

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Next-gen version included ! :blush:

And a FREE 150Gb download. :dizzy_face:


Might give it another go for the single player. The game is awful but with the better laod times and better performance and more polish the single player is worth playing once. The GaaS aspects can go die in a fire.


Cool. Was obviously a bit of a flop, but it’s supposed to be decent if you treat it as a campaign and ignore the GAAS aspects. Nothing to lose trying it out, God I love Game Pass. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Held off buying this so many times, Gamepass done me good here. Now let’s see if the new Marvel Guardians game goes on Gamepass.

Probably after a year sure. GOTG looks much MUCH better than Avengers ever did So I might get that game if it goes half price before xmas.

Been waiting for this one since people had good things to say about the campaign.

apparently people liked the Black Panther campaign, it’s just unfortunate that it’s stuck in a game that is built the way Avengers is. Either way, might give it a chance next month to see for myself.


I’m gonna give it a chance.


Interesting especially after the announcement that CD was helping w/ Perfect Dark :thinking:.


Might just be a coincidence. AStral Ascending another SE game is coming to Gamepass. SE have been a big fan of Gamepass. Avengers came to PS NOw a few months back but was PS4 version only. NO surprise its on Gamepass. Game has been selling badly and has had mediocre feedback since launch.

tbh Square should give this game away for free and have a Free to play version. Especially if they want to make Money from the GAAS stuff.


GOTG is what I wanted Avengers to be. Just a straight forward single player game with a campaign. Instead, Avengers has all this loot stuff in it and it’s like, why? Hulk does not need a metallic spine. Oh well.

While there’s plenty of ex-Square Enix developers working on AE, it has nothing to do with Square Enix. Artistan Studios is developing the game while Dear Villagers is publishing it.

I played the campaign through a few months back when I was able to buy the game used for $15 from GameFly, and then sold it to GameStop.

I like Crystal Dynamics’ stuff (acquisition when?!?) and I wasn’t disappointed with the campaign. Will definitely be checking out the War for Wakanda expansion on Game Pass.

The Marvel license for all those characters gotta be mad expensive, which would be difficult to justify F2P tbh. If it were to go f2p I’d expect the mtx and grind to get even more egregious.

It’s just sad you can’t simply make a traditional co-op game in this day and age without tacking on live service garbage onto it.

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Hopefully, more people will actually play it and not just go on off YouTube telling them to hate this game. Its by no means a classic, but its a very decent game with a charming main character

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I’m absolutely loving the campaign…and it looks and runs fantastic on the series X …(performance mode)

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How long is the campaign? I’m at utah badlands just pissed off the hulk …

168 GIGS.

Are. You. Shitting. Me.