Marvel’s Avengers Coming to Game Pass Sept 30 [XB1•Series X|S•PC•Cloud]

A little less on PC


Is the other mode 30fps or unlocked framerate? I’ll probably go for resolution mode once I get to this game.

WAS going to check out the Wakanda expansion…but 160ish GB install? Maybe not.

Ironically, this is an instance where Smart Delivery kind of fails us. There’s no way for a Series X owner to install the Xbox One version of the game, which is smaller and doesn’t need to be run off of the NVME SSD.

125 on mine (Series X)

30fps I think…honestly performance mode still looks really good …think that’s 60fps dynamic 4k

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I played the demo for this game and it didn’t really grab me, but man I am having a blast so far playing through this! It is well worth checking out IMO, and it absolutely plays great in performance mode on the Series X at dynamic 4K 60 fps.

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Yea I chose performance for how little I played since its downloading still

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nice a 130gbish install then went to go play it and now it has a 48gb update lol wtf.

This whole thing is a joke. Like by the time I’m done downloading it, it’ll bet the weekend and I’d rather take part in the Halo flight.

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Its garbage mode. Looks tiny bit sharper but runs terrible. MAybe its my new TV. 30FPS for any fast paced game looks horrible to me.

This whole resolution v framerate is a pointless argument for me. Unless you’re this super realistic detailed world with RTX that’s incredible to look at and has slow gameplay…don’t even show me a resolution option.

Part of what makes this gen so great for me is the mandatory 60FPS. Its just incredibly better to play

On this game in particular…Its still an average game. The loading is exceptionally faster which I appreciate but when it boils down to it…the combat is mediocre and so is the structure of the mission design. The story and characters are fine and that’s what will most likely pull me through to the end.

I did the Black panther side story and he was horrible to play as. Camera is awful at times and its just not fun to play as him. I can’t wait to see how they butcher Spiderman. Not that I’ll ever play as him since its a PS exclusive but still.

Was happy the waiting paid off, but it took me less time than the download to get bored of the combat. There are five other games that just came out on gamepass that seem more fun.

Black Widow is fun for me but the game is just jam packed full of fluff. Even the campaign…I actually think the story is well done and the characters. But wading through some turgid gameplay segments is a chore.

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