March 26: ID@Xbox Event Announced


Games confirmed so far:

  • Via Blog Post:
    • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
    • Second Extinction
    • The Ascent
    • The Wild at Heart
    • Voidtrain
    • Exo One
  • Via Header Montage:
    • 12 Minutes
    • Narita Boy

STALKER, Second Extinction and The Ascent? Awesome.

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I’m just curious about the “More than 100 games” vs. “trailer for 25 games”. Are they just namedropping 70 games?

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The Ascent will be awesome! I’ve heard some great things about the game.


Awesome, some of my favorite games come out of events such as this. And many of them will be on Game Pass too.

Me too!!! Interested in all three. The Ascent is guaranteed. Looks awesome.

Yeah, that’s weird. Maybe a montage of 15 second clips? Either that or they just mean in general and not on the actual show. Wording definitely needs to be adjusted in their article. Oh well. Either way, im watching so it doesn’t matter. I wonder how long the showcase will be… :thinking:

The Ascent looks great…was day one for me since last May. Even more so now that it’s day one on Game Pass!!!

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Looking good! Hoping they do another one in summer to showcase The Gunk and Scorn and whatnot. Los of smaller scale Xbox-exclusives that hopefully pepper the landscape between now and the Fall.

This is one of my most anticipated games of 2021.

Same goes to SCORN.

Hope Tunic gets a date at this event. Been waiting forever for that game


Yeah that and The Last Light or whatever it’s called, The Gunk and Scorn are ones I wanna see eventually this year. Thinking they are later this year maybe. Hoping for release dates on whatever they show here that is coming relatively soon.

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We should have an Xboxera play-together for all these ones coming to Gamepass.


@KageMaru did a community stream not long ago and he will be doing more in the future. :slight_smile:

i hope they don’t plan on showing 100 games. this is information overload and in the end nobody will remember game #47.

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I meant the forum members can do more. Let’s say The Ascent arrives - we should have this game as a shared backlog for the month and then discuss our gameplay experiences together.

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This is great and exactly what I wanted. Would like to see a release date for the Ascent here, because that game looks great from what I’ve seen. STALKER 2 seems interesting too, although I don’t know much about it, so hopefully we get some gameplay here. 12 Minutes is another game I’m interested in.

And I know Psychonauts 2 isn’t considered an indie game now that Microsoft owns Double Fine, but I just really want a release date for that game, even if it probably won’t show up here.


Prediction time Ascent will release:

  • Shadow drop
  • April
  • May
  • June

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I need more Sable gameplay footage. More Moebius !

Stalker 2? Holy fuck, I did not know that was indie.

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