March 26: ID@Xbox Event Announced

Hope Scorn is in.

Gameplay for Stalker would be AWESOME. BUT the wording there makes it sound like just a dev update and not new footage. :confused:


I voted for June.

too late imo. May is where I’m at and looks like I ain’t alone :slight_smile:

I mean they’ve already releases two teasers, it’d be annoying to get a teaser or game update or whatever AGAIN lol. I’m leaning on a short 3-4 minute gameplay section.

The wording says gameplay and trailers for upcoming games and then adds on to that part that we will get an update on Stalker. That to me sounds like ‘gameplay and trailers’ are one thing and ‘an update on Stalker’ is separate.

I can see The Ascent shadow dropping tbh. It was aiming for launch and they have been very active on Twitter lately, showing lots of gameplay snippets. I want a story trailer and then boom…shadow drop.

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yeah i checked the article again to read the exact phrasing and you’re right. They just said “update”. I suppose that would mean regarding announcing some stuff like collaboration in soundtrack and give the release window maybe? Who knows.

And Ascent I still feel is a May game tbh. Just giving them ample time cuz Covid and time to add ray tracing and all those next gen stuff before launch, making sure co-op is working right, so on.

Ok so they changed the wording wrt Stalker… :confused:




Yeah, I hope some gameplay.

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We’ll see. May/June/2022/whenever it releases im day one!!! Hehe.

Side Note - I believe that Stalker 2 will get delayed to 2022.

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Has Ray Tracing been confirmed for the Xbox Series X/S versions of The Ascent or is it PC only? Thanks.

Ya might be right about Stalker 2. I’d hope if they do that they at least show some snippets of real time footage or even gameplay though to soften the blow. Didn’t even realize The Ascent had RT on PC. Hope it is on Xbox too!

I have no idea if Ray Tracing is in The Ascent. That’s why I was asking Ruthwik. lol

I’m not expecting Stalker 2 this year. I would be surprised if it makes 2021. Hoping they show gameplay but “update” tells me teaser trailer and some info.

I knew I wasn’t tripping lmao. They finessed us :sob:

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Unconfirmed atm, but something they wanted to get into the game as of last summer:

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Yeah, came to post this.

Basically they’re experimenting with it atm, no confirmation yet. That’s why I feel the game needs more time for these things to come in at launch rather than a patch sometime down the line.

Okay. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

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I asked just now on twitter so maybe if we are lucky they will give a clear answer. I did notice that they have been putting out new short gampelay snippets like, constantly the past week or so. Every single day they put a new one or more out. So I think it definitely is gonna release soon. Very soon maybe.

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True. Hopefully we get info on RT and a release date next week!!!

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