Major Nelson Interviews Phil Spencer, Todd Howard, Pete Hines

Well said!

You will see games like ESO and FO76 on PS5 because those are MMO type games that were already on Playstation. You will also find all the old games that were on the PS4 will be available in the BC catalog (if they work). But all the new shiny next gen stuff I strongly believe will be exclusive to the Xbox console and PC ecosystem. Occasionally there will maybe a smaller game where XGS decides to go for more platforms but that will be the exception and not the rule.


The quote was with regard to a question about Game Pass and when the Bethesda titles are going to be up there. Please provide the correct context.

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I know what he said. The point is, sir, he said “whatever Phil decides to do”. THE ENTIRE POINT is Phil decides what happens to the IP. Not just for GamePass, overall. Xbox owns the IP. Bethesda doesn’t decide, Phil does. Thats the point.


Exactly. And while some say it doesn’t make sense to keep it Xbox only (these people greatly underestimate Game Pass) I would say it doesn’t make sense not to.

Imagine 2022 where for example has at least three big exclusives from their own studios , maybe something like FF16 and that Project Aia game, and Xbox now owning Bethesda would have a few of their own heavy hitters including for example Starfield and they would make that multiplatform? That would be such a weird look.

I can only imagine how much GP subs will increase once Srarfield releases, let alone TES VI. People in comment sections keep saying MS loves money, and they would profit greatly from copies sold on other platforms, but they forget that none of these people would then subscribe to Game Pass.

I already wrote it somewhere but the argument to have to release on Playstation forgets the fact we are talking about the same install base like Xbox maybe. We are in a new generation and those games may are not available on old hardware. So the more attractive crowd to widen the audience with is actually on PC and not on another console.



Today i spoke to someone in Yiutube comment section and he said “Todd wouldn’t let his dream game release only on one system, he’ll make sure that it releases on as many as possible. And it’s fine wirh MS, they have been kinda decreasing exclusives. They want gaming accessible for as many people as possible .” But this person forgets that it isn’t up to Todd if his game comes to other systems. And the decreasing of exclusives is nonsense as is the comment about making gaming more accessible.

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And having their games on Xbox, PC and mobile is reaching plenty of gamers.

Haha so obviously Bethesda is in possession of Ps5 dev kits. They of course need them for death loop and ghost wire. So that means Xbox could be dissecting those dev kits now.


Good point actually. But they don’t need to dissect them. Just ask about the experience and where the console bottlenecks and attack those points by highlight them in your marketing (that those things run better on your console).

Yeah, I feel like those commentators are being intentionally obtuse or disingenuous, and even worse, you have those same bad actors applaud when Sony does the same thing or ties down a timed exclusive (Ryan McCaffrey and FF16).

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You fucked up right there :wink:


Wouldn’t they already have them through Mojang?

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There is one argument I can however understand by some people and that’s…all the resources, work put into that PD5 version, they would just abandon that, stop with it? I’ve no idea how that works, aren’t these games built for pc first anyway?

Also, the only reason MS would bring the games to PS5 as well is if they don’t have enough faith that people that only have PS5 will subscribe to Game Pass or get an Xbox. But the fact is…BGS games but also games like DOOM are big sellers. It’s undoubtedly going go make GP even more attractive .

Agree. There are certain people who only want things to go one way and want MS to always be the walkover and on the losing end.

Like we’ve all said on here if this was the other way around it would not even be a question that all those games would go PS5 exclusive with maybe a few PC versions where Sony saw fit.

Sony would completely lock MS out and gloat about it.

The reality is Bethedsa and the other studios no longer really need to worry about finances and keeping afloat. Their job is to create and make the best version of their games that they can.

Which means Xbox and PC and gamepass and Xcloud. As of this past monday why would they care if this game comes out for PS5 or not? Thats for the bean counters to look at.


Also, I really wonder where some people get the idea from that Phil would release their arguably biggest games(BGS is very big) so easily on the competition’s platform. Why do they think that?

Now I know Phil in the past has said things that could make one believe he would love to put GP on PS platforms, Switch, maybe he actually does want that, but Sony will never say yes. So when that doesn’t happen,there is no reason to release it there. Or has Phil in the past really implied that he could see Xbox bringing big games to other platforms if the other side agreed to that too? Because this is pretty much what people assume MS means when they say making gaming as accessible as possible.

I think accessible means via the streaming option, I don’t think it means Playstation at all. I think all the BGS and Zenimax games other than MMOs will be Xbox/PC/Streaming. That opens it up to anyone with a phone, way more accessible than it has been in the past, but doesn’t give the PS their games. Sony fans are going to need to get used to streaming or get an xbox/pc.

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Sony probably has Xbox dev kits because of MLB the Show is coming at some point.

I keep seeing people taking Bethesda in their statement after the acquisition saying

“all the games we were making yesterday will still be published by us.”

As Starfield is in development right now, as is TES VI, so all those games will definitely still be multiplatform. I can understand how it can be a little confusing or unclear, but in no way is this a confirmation of that at all. I don’t see it as that. I do admit though that I don’t fully understand why they even wrote that.

These people should start looking at the things Phil has said afterwards about case by case basis, and the interview today by Major Nelson.

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Yeah Xbox have shown that they’ll let developers fulfill their contractual obligations, and still aid in that process (think Outer Worlds and Wasteland 3); additionally they have shown with Minecraft that if that singular title is already multiplatform they won’t pull it off those competing platforms, so I imagine Fallout 76 and ESO will follow suit.

On the other hand, as we’ve seen with all those aforementioned studios’ new projects going forward they’re exclusive (Bleeding Edge, Hellblade 2, Avowed, Grounded, etc. etc.) and I would be willing to wager Bethesda’s output will be the same. You don’t purchase those studios only to put their titles on competing platforms when the goal is to expand your ecosystem. It’s frankly embarrassing that so much in the gaming media is even assuming otherwise when we have precedence, and they wouldn’t be asking the same question of Sony (and would probably praise the exclusion).