Major Nelson Interviews Phil Spencer, Todd Howard, Pete Hines


Thanks for sharing. Will listen to it later. By the time I hope Xboxera analyse the background of each person. Detective Xboxera !

Inspects every frame of every pixel from Phil Spencer’s house.



This is great stuff, “Phil, is there anything we should be looking for in your office in the background there?” :rofl:


Followed by the 360 “memory-doubled” party. :grinning:


What’s the white stuff on Phil’s desk

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LOL the series S is hanging out.

Todd said that he’s happy to work on Starfild with Xbox.

Phil said at the end that the goal of these kind of partnerships is allowing more people to play and giving the creators the biggest audience possible.

I don’t know if this can be related somehow to exclusivity of the games

Great interview. Great stories. Great future for people subscribed to Game Pass.


I think that means PC, Xbox, XCloud.

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People in the industry are really underestimating xCloud. There’s a lot of talk about how “Not putting the games on Playstation would violate what Phil has said about wanting everyone to play!” No, silly. He means they’re allowing everyone to access their ecosystem, due to xCloud.


Even though I think its the wrong business move, from the way Phil speaks about letting gamers playing on the devices they want to , does make me think there is a possibility that some zenimax games could come to PS5. Todd says the game engine rewrite and what next gen hardware enables, makes me think they have PS5 dev kits.

I guess phil saying “a case by case basis” confirms that Xbox game studios will not release all there games on sony/Nintendo consoles. I wish they would clarify this issue more. Whatever happens its good though, zenimax games being on gamepass is huge.

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Right now I’m following a live Webinar, so I can’t watch this yet.

But does Todd say anything about Starfield that we don’t know yet? I am so damn hungry for that game.


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“We’re closer to showing it now than we were at the start of this interview.”


Phil has been saying about letting players play on the devices they want for years, By that logic you’d say he’s putting all XGS games on other consoles. This is code for Xbox, PC, xcloud in my view,but I do think the odd game will be on PS5 and probably more on switch.


Hmmmm, I see.

Well, the wait continues and I’ll hold out a little bit of hope that we might hear or even see it next year. But once they show it off…that is probably going to mean a launch the same year. In other words the Fallout 4 approach.

When Pete Hines said “It’s whatever Phil decides to do” in regards to what happens to where Bethesda IPs go, that puts to rest the “of course their games will com to PS5.”

I don’t think Phil will want to give competitors help in selling consoles. So I expect IF they get them, they’d be a least a year behind Xbox/PC releases. If at all.


I haven’t been following every of Phil’s moves but there are those that keep saying Phil’s MO is, make gaming as accessible as possible, games for everyone. I even read a comment just now in a Youtube video comment section that Xbox has been decreasing exclusives, even as far as to stop exclusives.

Eh,lol? I don’t think these people really understand what Phil means when he says those things. Sony has shown crystal clearly for a long time now they don’t place nice at all and clearly MS caught wind of that. I’m at a point now where i hope it stays at Xbox. Grow that platform/service into something amazing. GP is already doing amazingly well.


Sony has been openly antagonistic to Xbox. Phil isn’t going to reward that. When he says “Play what you want, wherever you want”, he means xCloud, PC and on some occasions, Switch. You won’t bee seeing games on Playstation unless like I said, at least a year after Xbox/PC release. If at all