Machine Games and id Software to team up for a "Revitalization of the Quake Franchise" a scoop by Xbox Era

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Earlier today the schedule for Quakecon 2021 went up, with a surprising bit of spoiler-y news to be found if one clicked into the calendar event for Friday’s “Let’s talk Quake” event. John Linneman of Digital foundry will be talking with Jerk Gustaffson of Machine games about a “revitalized edition” of the game Quake. Which appears to be a co-production between iD and Machine Games.

The page was quickly scrubbed of this information and visiting it now gives you only a “…” as the description of the event.

Machine Games will be on stage with iD the day before as well at the opening event to celebrate the history of the franchise.

This all goes to confirm the rumors that our very own Nick Baker had been reporting on over the previous months.


This sounds awesome! What a perfect fit to have John Linneman there for the reveal.


World premiere. Exclusive. :philwins:

DF knows. Exciting.


Oh hell yeah.

I’ve never played Quake before but ID and Machinegames are incredible studios so I can’t wait to see this.

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XboxEra World Premier.

(and then it turns out to just be a GOG version :stuck_out_tongue: )


Damn son. Xbox just dropping AAA exclusives like mad.


Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. “Revitalized” leaves some wiggle room as to what it may actually be. But even if it is just spruced up graphics and the original soundtrack, I’m on board.


Fuck that. I’m going with the Rumor that it’s a reboot with a lady protagonist. Leave the old games to be ported by the lowest bidder.


It’ll be interesting to see what this ends up being, as “revitalized” might imply some sort of remaster or remake instead of a reboot.

The fact that it’s a discussion with Digital Foundry also indicates to me that it’s a remaster so they could go over the technical upgrades etc. I don’t think it would make much sense for them to discuss a reboot with Digital Foundry, though a remake could still work.


Path traced Quake 1 with a remastered OST INTO MY VEINS.

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Yeah, right now I’m expecting Quake 1 remastered with some bonus stuff.

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Yeah, the way this is written makes me think that it is a remaster instead of a reboot. I think that the rumored Quake reboot with a female protagonist is real but it won’t be announced now. I’m not sure about this tho, just giving my 2 cents really.

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Look at this wonderful sleuth we have on our team :wink:

Give me new Quake any day of the week, the first two were revolutionary.


Definitely curious to see what this is all about. Could we be getting a campaign with amazing visuals? Sure hope so, after all that’s MG’s forte.

So this would mean MG is on both Indiana Jones and Quake?


Is there enough to distinguish the modern reboots of Doom, Wolfenstein and possibly Quake aside from setting? Always got the impression that they played the same and just had a different theme.

Modern Doom and Wolfenstein are very different beast, and I’m sure Quake will be too.

They were “playing the same” during the first years of 3D FPS and “Doom-like” emergence but right now, they are really difficult to compare.

Doom is really an agressive and frontal FPS which reward mobility and close range combat. Wolfenstein is more “tactical” even if you can play agressive too it’s way more punishing to do it. Let’s see what “Quake 2022 or 2023” will be about.


Modern Doom and Wolfenstein are nothing alike. Doom is a much faster paced frenetic game with a big focus on movement and melee. On the other hand, Wolfenstein is a more traditional slower paced game that focus more on cover shooting and storytelling. Both are great games.


Makes it sound like a remaster/remake which would be a bit of a letdown tbh, was hoping for a Doom 2016 level reboot but we’ll see I guess

Although Nick’s source also suggested it had a female lead so if it is just a remake and the source is correct on that, clearly they will making some changes

video added to OP