Lost my entitlement to 2 Xbox One digital purchases

I’ve noticed that I’ve lost entitlement to NHL 15 & FIFA 15, two Xbox One games I purchased back in 2014. I’ve contacted Xbox Support and provided proof of purchase, but nothing is getting resolved.

Has anybody else lost their digital entitlement to any games they’ve purchased? I’m getting a little concerned about buying digital games on Xbox if we’re just going lose our entitlement to our purchases in the future.

I have not lost any digital entitlements personally nor anyone in my friend circle that I’m aware of.

This has to be a bug. Do you have a Game Pass Ultimate or EA play subscription ?

The game was removed from EA access 2 years ago. Maybe it removed your ownership when they removed it from EA access and from the MS store. Support has to help out. Just keep trying till you find the right person.

This is most likely what it is, but I’ve talked to 3 separate support staff, none have the technical knowledge of understanding and resolving this issue. This problem would be better handled by an Xbox engineer and not support staff.

Found an old Reddit thread and they had the same game removed (NHL 15). Looks like there is no solution for this problem.

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It is usually a bug. I am 100% digital and have close to 600 games. On occasion one will disappear from my library (on the console) but it will eventually show back up. The first time this happened for me was Outer Wilds. I got the free copy for watching E3 via Mixer. It was in my library for months until the game was finally released, then it disappeared. Eventually it just showed back up.

If, for example, I went to the website though, I could still install the missing item to my console if I wanted.

Additional things I have experienced:

  • After redeeming digital codes for a game the game does not appear in the library until I do a full system restart. The most recent time it happened was this week with Guardians of the Galaxy. Claimed code, missing it action. Reboot. There it is.

  • When browsing through the store, generally browsing sales, certain games will show prices despite the fact that I own them. Oddly this happens with most of the newer Resident Evil games for me. I click the product to actually view it, still just has a price where it should say manage/install. If I go to my library, there it is.

With all that said, Id happily let the remove some of the old sports games from my library, lol.

That makes a degree of sense. As if the game is delisted which it looks like NHL 15 is. They probably don’t have a way to legally re-provide a new entitlement as the game is no longer in the store. As its not Micrsoft’s property. Which would mean at best if they had a backup of when the user had entitlement honored they could try to recover it from the backup but it’s probably more labor hours for than it’s worth.

Im guessing something went wrong with the delisitng process for that game and some users lost access but its such an old annualized game at the time no one noticed when it could have been more easily corrected.

This could be a bug because of store backend updates. We just had a issue where a handful games went missing on the store but recently came back.

That is Microsoft’s fault, I honestly think I should be reimbursed for these games, this is very troubling.

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I’ve had this happen as well with some games. But I wish that kind of stuff didn’t happen. Especially with being 100% digital and having so many games you’re not gonna remember all the purchases you’ve made through the years. It should all be listed in ready to install, not a good thing that it sometimes disappears.

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If Microsoft doesn’t want to put in the resources & effort to fix these licensing issues, they should absolutely reimburse those affected. This just feels dirty, I own over 800 digital games, it’s leaving me questioning if I should keep buying 3rd party games for the system.

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I have been in the alpha-skip ahead ring for a long time though. So I never really make a big stink of it because I generally assumed it was/is because I signed up to use buggy in-progess OS updates.

Hmmm, now that you mention it I’ve been in preview/insider as well, a few years ago. I’m not fully sure if it was then that it happened. Ah well.

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I agree they have fault. I don’t know how you’d go about assigning value to a game that is almost 7 years old and what would be a fair amount to reimburse you. As the game can be had for less than 10 dollars but to reimburse someone that little of an amount would be almost an insult. Yet, reimbursing 60 dollars for a game you played and had access too for years I can see the argument in a full reimbursement would not be equitable to all parties.

If it were me, i’d ask to be comp’d 3 or 6 months of gamepass for the trouble. As its something that you could get value for, and its reasonable accommodation they could make that would cost them little in the scheme of things.

Sure, I would accept that as reimbursement. But from my experience in dealing with Xbox support on this issue, getting to the point of talking about reimbursement is going to hard, the support staff doesn’t have the same technical knowledge that a lot of people in this thread have. It’s incredibly frustrating.

You could try to re-download it via going to the games official club then hit See in Microsoft store. I just did this with Spectra (2015) that version is delisted and said I owned it and gave me option to install.

Edit: The NHL 15 Full Game store page is still up, so you should be able to download it. Same with FIFA 15. @ForwardPushing

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I’ve been to the store pages for both games through using the club and changing the year of the game. Both store pages show that I don’t own the game.

I’ve even pushed the download of both games to my Series X using my library through the Xbox App on my phone. When I try to play the games, they say I don’t own the game. I’ve literally exhausted all options.

So you can download them so that’s good at least. Is the series x set as your home xbox? Seems strange that you can download but not play. I’m thinking this is a glitch, maybe they’ll pop back after a few days or a console restart will fix it.

No, it’s been like this for over a year. It’s absolutely a licensing issue on the backend.

Yeah this happens sometimes and they randomly come back too lol