Lost Judgment Trailer


Reveal Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Release Date: 24th September 2021

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 & 5

Anyone else exciting for this?


Day 1

The dragon engine is crack.


I can’t wait, loved my 50 hours with Judgment remaster on series x!

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Good, the first worldwide release and day one on Xbox? SEGA should be VERY happy with their new alliance, I hope this will open some eyes in Japan.


You mean how making games available for a new audience can help expand it :thinking:? What a novel idea lol.


Let’s go!

Is it really going to come out in September though with Covid? It seems like every game has been getting delayed lately. I’m not going to get my hopes up so I am mentally preparing myself for an early 2022 release.

Yeah, someone else from that land still thinks that making years old full priced ports is the way. Lmao.

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Great news! really happy to see Sega putting their game day and date on Xbox! definitely getting the Judgment remaster soon even if I don’t have an SX yet. :stuck_out_tongue: :partying_face:

Looks great but once they confirmed the tailing missions and disguises are returning, that ended my interest as these elements turned me off while playing the first game. Great game story, character and combat/gameplay wise but I was hoping the few elements I didn’t like would be eliminated for this game. Oh well.

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Tailing is definitely the lowlight of judgment :frowning:

Hopefully they’ve improved it though, I can imagine they would have seen the critism for them missions.

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Sorry Halo, this is my most hyped-up game now. Playing Judgment right now and it’s already my favorite RGG game yet. Interesting plot premise and I’m glad to see Yokohama back. The simultaneous worldwide launch is hype as well, I didn’t expect it to release so early. The localization team’s putting in some work! Things like stealth, parkour, skating, walking a dog, that dance minigame, and the robot minigame look real interesting. DAY ONE!

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Is it just me or is this infinitely more clean and crisp that Yakuza 0? 0 is the game I’ve been playing and sadly it does suffer from plenty of aliasing, especially noticeable during daytime in the game. I didn’t play LAD, but is the the same engine as 0 or did they overall just massively clean up the aliasing after 0?

It’s a different engine, one that was built for last gen and it is probably the TAA that you are noticing that was probably the best thing to come out of last gen along with PBR.

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0 is a game built for the PS3. Starting with Yakuza 6, they switched to the Dragon Engine, built specifically for the PS4. They’ve been gradually improving it along the way, with Kiwami 2, Judgment, Like a Dragon, and now Lost Judgment, which is why it’s gotten so dang crisp now.

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Music to my ears really. I hate aliasing just so much. It’s rough when coming from games like ACV, RDR2 and so on.

I just love how the game is actually releasing this year. This is a approach I can really appreciate. Announce it out of the blue and a few months later it comes out.

Yeah, it’s only like 4 months out! Love it. The release being worldwide for the first time definitely helps with that.

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Yeah for sure! And man, jus again so many kudos to Phil Spencer, it was him that went the extra mile for us that have been begging for this franchise for so long. And of course for Sega for giving Xbox a chance. There was a time these games came out, only showing the PS logo and I always was just bummed out, haha.


Yeah it is pretty great. They know they have an audience who will just buy the game, so no need to have a long run up to release.

Honestly I don’t particularly worry about games having much aliasing issues now. The fact a lot of games run at high resolutions and with TAA now, you tend to get a very clean image.

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Yeah that’s great with so many games for a while now, even plenty of Xbox One X games. But it sounds like I’ll have to cope with several more Yakuza games that have it until Kiwami 2 and LAD. Ah well. But from here on out it should be amazing. So great to have these people bothering with Xbox now, love it!

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the trailer was great and the character detail and lighting are fucking phenomenal, just super bummed this is not announced for PC. :pensive:

This also makes me miss Sleeping Dogs even more.