Lost Judgment Trailer

As someone who is new to Yakuza (started a year ago on Xbox), I am kind of suprised to see another game so close to LAD. Do they normally spit out games that frequently?

Yep they are very efficient. Most of their games are yearly. I imagine that it helps a lot they reuse assets.

This is coming to Xbox One yet the first Judgment didn’t, which sucks. I wish I could play it… :sob:

I’ll still buy this of course.

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Just saw the gameplay trailer, man the combat is THE SHIT in this, looks awesome! This does so much more for me than the TB combat in LAD. Then again, I’ve never been able to truly enjoy TB combat systems.

RGG is getting better and better. Absolutely, stunning character models.


Judgement reused Yakuza 6 map (Kamurocho with Dragon Engine) and now Lost Judgement will reuse LAD map (Yokohama). The greatest split was between Yakuza 5 and 6 because of the new engine (but they did Y0 and KW1 and even a Kenshiro game in the meantime with the old engine), but their games are always been every 2 years at most.

I hope they will remake the two samurai games (never released out of Japan) with dragon engine. The zombie game is most likely dead forever, it almost destroyed the franchise in the west bombing hard.

I just impulse bought Judgement yesterday. I will probably start it after I finish Resident Evil Village.


I would actually be willing to pay silly money to see a proper new Sleeping Dogs, Jesus christ is it a shame what happened. That weird online thing should never have been a thing. Should have immediately been a Sleeping Dogs 2 instead.