Losing hope on FFVIIR coming to Xbox

The yearlong exclusivity to PS ended I think Saturday? Everyone was hyping for it to be announced on Sunday or Monday.

Well, today is Tuesday, my dudes and it seems everyone has pushed it to side and forgotten. I’ve already played it on PS, but cannot help to think this is such a sucky situation for those who haven’t.

I just hope this doesn’t continue with FFXVI otherwise I’d have to buy a PS5 for like 3 games. Am I the only one annoyed?

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I think some other people are annoyed too, but personally I expect it coming sooner or later anyway so I don’t care when it is gonna be announced. Not to mention Intergrade coming in June anyway.

You could just wait and see…

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I’m waiting to see if it gets announced at E3, if not, I’m sure it’ll get ported eventually.

Is there any exclusivity on Intergrade? That’s coming out in June I think. At this point, it would make more sense to bring that version over rather than the base.

What is literally going to happen is that the version coming to Xbox will be the GOTY version (like with NieR Automata and DQ11) and it’ll include Intergrade and it’s going to be announced at the Xbox E3 conference in June.

Just how I expect FF14 to be announced too.

Really hoping :pray: let’s see what June brings us I guess.

I doubt ff14 will be announced until after Endwalker is out, since their focus is on that, and the ps5 version at the moment

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single case when the deal was up and the pubs instantly announced it coming to other platforms. It always instead is saved for a PR spotlight moment like a trade show or whatnot.

Don’t expect the new episode with Yuffie or whatever to be on Xbox anytime soon. They called it PS5 exclusive in the reveal. Might come waaayyyy later though.


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Just because the exclusivity is up doesn’t mean they have to talk about it right away. It could be an E3 announcement for all we know.

Because it is Exclusive only to the ps5 in all sense of the word. You can only play the dlc on next gen.

This didn’t warrant another topic.

That timed exclusive sticker was there for a reason. Think about it.

Jeez if it sells so bad on Xbox it would be cheaper to add to Gamepass then Outriders

At this point F them. We got enough games to play. Sony can fuck off with this timed exclusive silent bullshit

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It will come for sure… But i think its not coming before 2022… Some rumours about the renew of the temporary exclusivity.

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There’s literally no reason why an Xbox (and PC, though that’s inevitable) port wouldn’t happen, it’s a huge amount of potential free revenue and goodwill being flushed down the crapper otherwise.

I maintain there’s something at play here beyond SE taking cash money bribes from Sony and, so long as they (and uniquely they) continue to treat Xbox like the red headed stepchild, they’ll not be getting a penny more out of me.


Sony paid a huge amount of cash for the exclusivity, and Square Enix still got the money for the 5 million+ sales. Sony has arguably renewed the exclusivity contract with the release of the PS5 version.

The same way Square Enix has received a good amount of cash from Microsoft for Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Nier, Octopath Traveler and Outriders on Game Pass (with some of them demanding ports). Not to mention the 5+ games still joining Game Pass this year.

Square wants money. The difference is that Microsoft’s strategy doesn’t hurt PlayStation’s players, while we can’t say the same about Sony’s strategy with Xbox players.