Looks like around 3.5 million Series S|X consoles sold so far

Exactly. These people do be saying the darndest shit :joy:

He’s an actual game analyst with big industry connections every direction of the earth, just because he hates Xboxera for some dumb personal reasons doesn’t mean he isn’t a reliable source on things.

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I think it’s also very synergetic how Xbox’s vision for a multi device ecosystem makes it so that its game sales aren’t reliant on selling hardware. PCs sell across the year and don’t require getting the most expensive shit out there, so there’s always something available, even in the biggest bots and scalping periods. Halo would sell like crazy no matter when the game came because it isn’t solely gonna be pushed as a reason to buy a plastic box. Steam will be THE definitive place to play halo, it’s just the reality of shooters at this point.

That combined with game pass has solved so many problems the console business still suffers from. But of course that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t strategize its release to maximise its sales and engagement, just that the timing of its release is no longer as important a factor in that.

There are two main reasons for the Xbox Series X|S supply shortage:

1- They started production later as they waited for the full RDNA2 chipset from AMD.

2- Silicon being produced is not being used entirely for Xbox xonsoles. Part of ths supply is being used to upgrade XCloud as they’re prepping the new Scarlett Blades to replace the current XBO Blades.

They’re in a much stronger position this time and it’s only a matter of time when supply matches demand.

Even the XB1 sold out at launch and was selling really well, XB1 fell flat after years lack of exclusives mostly. MS would know that the launch year isn’t too important but the year or 2 after is when it starts to matter, which is probably why they were completely ok with delaying Halo.

This is very good if it’s close to being accurate. Sony SHIPPED 4.5M PS5 consoles. I’m sure they had a lot of returns. Even if they didn’t, being outsold by approximately 1m is extremely impressive and positive moving forward. Microsoft simply needs more consoles. Shame that’s not happening.

I really wanna know the sales difference between Xbox Series and PS5 in North America. I bet it’s much closer than people might think.

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I think its was just full RDNA2, which includes hardware VRS 2.0

Damn I should be an analyst. I said the same.

Still 3.5m is not enough supply. They better manage 10m this year.

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They will do what they can, it depends on AMD now.

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I’d shoot more towards 8-9 million by year end. Manufacturing is a mess now.

He really, really isn’t. Especially when it comes to numbers.

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It’s good they’ve sold all they can make. I however find the obsession with hardware sales and financial status from some corners of the gaming community pretty sad and the constant need for them to have numerical validation to their preferred piece of plastic a damaging side effect to the gaming community as a whole.

None of the big 3 are pulling a Dreamcast anytime soon so the constant nit picking over sales numbers at other gaming communities is pretty lame.


It’s an enthusiast thing. We like the hobby beyond the games themselves. I’m not losing sleep over sales numbers but i like seeing them.

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That’s fine but most of the time these numbers are just used for petty console wars. Some places like Era and GAF are just ripe with toxicity using numbers for console war ammo and its pretty lame.

I think this type of energy should be put towards rooting for sports teams instead cause the impact to the gaming community is a net negative.


I just avoid reading the threads or websites that I believe will be covered in fanboy wars.

Agreed. I want to (roughly) know the quantity sold simply to know whether it’s enough for developers to care about my platform of choice, but I don’t really care if one system sold a little bit more or less than another system. So long as Xbox has sold enough to show developers it’s worth their time to release the game there then I’m good. Beyond that can be interesting, but ends up mostly being used to fuel the console wars.

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Based on what I’m reading they haven’t sold many XSS, they’re almost all XSX. I wonder how long Microsoft will read the tea leaves and cancel the S. Makes things simpler for devs.

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Majority of Launch sales usually consist of enthusiasts and the hardcore crowd, that’s why the X is more desired right now. Once the generation progresses, one to two years in, the S shall start selling much beyond X as that’s when all the casuals shall start getting it and we all know that casuals outnumber the enthusiasts severalfold. Although I am still skeptical of the Series S a few years from now, I wouldn’t be alarmist about it to think they’ll just cancel it lol.

Yup! Xbox will have another launch in 2021.

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